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Menu page for Karmic Astrology.
FAQ for Karmic Astrology.
Why astrology works. The Hermetic axiom.
Conventional astrology, yesterday's way of doing things.
Past Life FAQ, a primer on previous lives.
Dane Rudhyar, the founder of Karmic Astrology
Birth Data, the starting spot for astrology.
What is a natal chart? A bit more than squiggles on a piece of paper.
Interpreting a natal chart, hints for novices.
Solar chart, when no time of birth is available.
Mercury Retrograde, the cosmic version of Murphy's Law.

New planets:

Overview of the new planets.
        Quaoar, a new planet orbiting just beyond Pluto.
        The Indigo Children, Quaoar's own generation of kids.
        Sedna, the furthest distant planet from the Sun.
        Orcus, the other god of the underworld.
        Eris, the goddess of discord.
        Makemake, the Easter Island creator god.
        Haumea, the Polynesian goddess of childbirth and fertility.
        The Centaurs, enigmatic planetary bodies between Saturn and Uranus.


Current, Previous & future months' ephemerides. Precise planetary locations including Chiron.
FAQ for North American ephemeris.
Quaoar ephemeris.
Sedna ephemeris.
Orcus ephemeris.

Sun signs:

Sun-sign Astrology. Why it's just for fun.
Light bulbs. Twelve Sun-sign light bulb jokes.
Sun-sign horoscope links. Waste your day at several Sun-sign websites.
Sun-sign Karma. But seriously, your sign is part of your karma.

Products & services:

Computer reports by email.


Menu Page for Reiki.
Reiki FAQ.
Three levels of Reiki defined.
Five Principles of Reiki.
Atunements, the core of Reiki courses.
History of Reiki menu page.
        Dr. Usui, a short biography of the founder.
        Natal chart of Dr. Usui, a solar chart.
        Chujiro Hayashi, a transitional figure.
        Mrs. Takata, a brief biography.
        Natal chart of Mrs. Takata, a full chart.
        Post 1980 history of Reiki.


Menu Page for clearing.
Clearing FAQ. Cosmic housecleaning.
Clearing Protocol.


Metaphysical plane, a simple description.
A Logical Proof that the metaphysical plane exists.
Greek Syllogism, a light-hearted description.
Free Choice, the core of a spiritual journey.
Matter ascends while Spirit descends, an explaination.
God is a trickier word than you first imagine.

Fictional Stories

The Brick. A youngster learns about karma.
Arriving at Heaven. St. Peter does his thing.
Visiting the Guru. A spiritual rookie meets his first Guru.

Navigational & Search

Home Page. To start at square one.
Site Search Utility, if you've given up on this page.
Links. Interesting websites.


Miscellaneous menu page.
        Haiku. I write very short Japanese-style poems, too.
        Spam. Trivia about this ubiquitous subject.
        Meditation for the absolute beginner, a tutorial.
        Halloween has ancient legends telling of its origin.
        The value of pi taken to extremes.
Past Life Survey. How many of your past lives do you know about?
Free stuff to download from this website.
Free readings by the Swami Computer.
Menu Page for my biography.
This day in history. If today seems boring, it wasn't always that way.
Quote of the Day. A daily quote to inspire you, sort of.

Thank you for visiting my website. Please understand that I am now retired and am no longer seeing clients. If it happens that you are looking for an astrologer, please click here for some suggestions on how to go about the process.

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