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c.1878 - May 9, 1940

Chujiro Hayashi was the bridge between Dr. Mikao Usui and Hawayo Takata. It was through Dr. Hayashi that Mrs. Takata learned about Dr. Usui and Reiki, as Dr. Usui had passed on prior to Mrs. Takata's arrival in Tokyo. As such Dr. Hayashi is a transitional figure.

Little is known about him outside of the stories Mrs. Takata told, and many of her stories are now known to be embellishments at best. In particular her story of Dr. Hayashi being Dr. Usui's anointed successor as Grand Master simply hasn't born up to close historical scrutiny.

Clearly he was one of several Reiki masters Dr. Usui initiated prior to his transition. Current historical research indicates that while quite well-liked and respected he was not a "Grand Master" as no independent verification of the grand master title has been found.

Yet his contribution to Reiki in the West is very real, for he did train Mrs. Takata which in turn enabled her to bring Reiki to the West.

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