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Word does get around. A few years ago while I was still living in Toronto I got a phone call from a TV producer at the CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canada's national public television network. It seems they were taping some halloween programming, someone had given them my name, and would I willing to appear on a talk show to discuss my ghostbusting?

Well, I don't think of myself as a ghostbuster. I'm an astrologer, which is something quite different. Nonetheless, over the years I've accumulated a few other skills, one of which is a protocol that can be used to de-haunt houses and clear away discarnate entities. The protocol was developed several years ago while I was working with another Reiki master, and it is a skill which I still teach to those interested who wish to clear metaphysical clutter out of a room or a building. The protocol is a very special gift given from the highest places in the Cosmos.

TV types, however, aren't interested in the fine points. They want good television. So I said fine, I'll do it, but on two conditions:

(1) you let me do the protocol on the show live in front of the cameras so people can experience it for themselves; and

(2) you put my email address on the screen so I can send the protocol out free to anyone who wants it.

Deal, said the CBC type. Shortly thereafter we did the show. I quickly became busy with other things and never did see the show after it was taped (it was a segment from the now-discontinued Jonovision series). But for a few years after the taping I knew it was still being re-run now and again, because I would get occasional bursts of email from across Canada requesting the protocol.

For those of you who don't live in Canada or missed the TV show, not to worry. Click the two links below, and you'll see the protocol and the FAQ.

And remember, you, too, can be a ghostbuster, but I can't guarantee you'll get a call from a TV producer (grin)!

Clearing Protocol

Clearing FAQ

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