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Clearing Protocol

1. To request assistance to have the discordant energies led to the Light, say this prayer out loud or in your mind.

Dear Ones:
You are healed and forgiven.
You are one with your own true self, your own Godself.
As God is Love, you are Love.
As God is Light, you are Light.
You are filled and surrounded by God's Love.
You are filled and surrounded by God's Light.
You are free from fear, pain, and the Earth's vibration.
I now ask God, God's angels, and God's Beings of Light
To take you to the Court of God
So that you may know your right place and be there.
Go in peace.

[Optional: Visualize the entities being gently taken away.]

Express gratitude.

2. Make the sound (mentally or out loud): A-E-I-O-U

3. Snort two or three times while thinking "CLEAR".

4. Do two separate visualizations:

A. A cleansing horizontal flood of God's light

B. God's love light descending as a mist.

Confused? Check out the FAQ.

Download a free copy of the Clearing Protocol and the Clearing FAQ in ASCII format.

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