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was only half the fun

One fine day three spiritual people--a man, a woman, and a child--died and came to the Pearly Gates to be interviewed by St. Peter before proceeding into Heaven.

"All three of you have done outstanding good works and will be rewarded with the greatest of blessings," St. Peter announced to them. "But first, I must ask each of you a question."

St. Peter then asked the man: "What is the most glorious Heaven you can imagine?" To which the man repled with a silly grin: "A golf course where I can get a hole-in-one every day."

"Done!" said St. Peter, and the man was immediately taken to a golf course more splendid than the Hanging Gardens of Babylon where he could get a hole-in-one on every hole.

Then St. Peter asked the woman: "What is the most glorious Heaven you can imagine?" The woman replied without hesitation: "A vacation resort where I can be pampered from head to toe."

"Done!" said St. Peter, and woman was immediately whisked away to a palace made of rubies, diamonds, and gold, and having an abundance of servants to cater to her every whim and desire.

Finally, St. Peter turned to the youngster, and asked: "And what is the most glorious Heaven you can imagine, my child?" To which the child replied: "I have no idea, sir."

"Why not?" St. Peter asked. "I've never thought about it," the child said. St. Peter smiled, and said: "Then prepare to meet God."

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