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The Haiku is a deceptively simple form of Japenses poetry. It consists of 17 syllables in three lines. The first line has five syllables, the second line contains seven syllables, and the concluding third line has five syllables.

The idea is to pack as many layers of meaning as possible into the three lines, a very oriental approach. A good haiku will leave a person pondering for hours if not days and weeks, but I'm not claiming all the haikus I wrote here are in that lofty category. Most assuredly are not.

As a literary form the Haikus which appear in Japanese cannot be translated into English because of the vast differences in the two languages. So new ones are written in English. That's part of the fun.

One of the sub-genres of haiku in Japan is the koan. A koan is a Zen Buddhist story or saying which contains a logical contradiction designed to yank the student's mind out of thinking in ruts. Contrary to popular Western myth the point of the koan is not to bring instant enlightenment but instead stretch the student's concept of mind.

Most koans exist in prose form, but on occasion they are placed in Haiku form. To me such koans posses far more depth and meaning. A few such koans follow amongst the other Haikus. (Some days I'm more inspired than others.) You can sort out which is which. A couple are obvious.

Here are some Haikus

Designed to entertain you.

Hope you enjoy them.

Haikus are so cool

You can just say anything

But what should be said?

To  be  is  to  do

Yet to do means you must be

Do be do be do.

Maybe we should try

To do something different

If it's not the same.

Five beats on first line

Seven beats on second line

Five beats on third line.

Reality is

What's left when there's nothing else

(If you skip the rest.)

Just add it again.

Then add it several more times.


If you don't ask me

Then I won't have to tell you

I don't really know.

Some ask what is life?

Some don't care about that.

Others live their lives.

Situps then pushups

Exercise until you drop

How about a beer?


Really is no fun at all

When it's done alone.

Inhale take a breath

Exhale to let the breath go

Take it let it go.

Why not but then why?

If it isn't then it is.

Darn don't confuse me.

Life is such a bitch

Too much hassle, let's go to

Margarita Land.

Winter snowflakes fall

What happened to the summer?

Same thing as autumn.

Sunlight streams all day

Ghostly moonlight floats at night

Nothing is the same.

Rain falls from the clouds

Water flows to the ocean

Deserts remain dry.

In all the gin joints

In all the world she has to

Walk right into mine.


Where thoughts are twisted around

And become nothing.

If you don't go there

Then you can never be there

So try someplace else.

Are they upside down

Right side up or inside out?


About my secrets...

They are so locked away

I cannot find them.

Beware life with ease

The greater the wind that blows

The stronger the trees.


Time flits waiting for the sound

Of one hand clapping.

Winds blow, flags flutter

Life, death, and change swirl about

Your mind is moving.

Sometimes when you get

Something other than your wants

It's a stroke of luck.

Best to learn the rules

Even better to break some

Including this one.

Rain falls equally

On plants, on stones, and on soil.

Many flowers bloom.

What's reality?

The following words are false:

This statement is true.

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