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Here is what happened
on Wednesday - January 17th...

History,  n.  One darn thing after another.

      Famous People Born On This Day In History...

1706Benjamin Franklin, American author, poet, statesman, inventor.
      Today, this person is/would be 312 years old.
1771Charles Brockden Brown, father of the American novel.
      Today, this person is/would be 247 years old.
1860Anton Chekhov, Russian novelist.
      Today, this person is/would be 158 years old.
1880Mack Sennett, created Keystone Kops silent movies.
      Today, this person is/would be 138 years old.
1899Al Capone, aka Scarface, mobster.
      Today, this person is/would be 119 years old.
1931James Earl Jones, actor, man with the golden voice.
      Today, this person is/would be 87 years old.
1934Shari Lewis, TV puppeteer, invented Lambchop.
      Today, this person is/would be 84 years old.
1942Muhammed Ali, boxer. He who floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee.
      Today, this person is/would be 76 years old.
1944Chris Montez, pop singer.
      Today, this person is/would be 74 years old.
1962Jim Carrey, Canadian actor, Ace Ventura, Pet Detective.
      Today, this person is/would be 56 years old.

      Events On This Day In History...

1377The Papal See is transferred from Avignon in France back to Rome.
1562French Protestants are recognized under the Edict of St. Germain.
1861The flush toilet is patented by Mr. Thomas Crapper (Honest. Where do you think the word crap came from?).
1852The independence of the Transvaal Boers is recognized by Britain.
1871First Cable Car is patented by Andrew S. Hallidie.
1893The Kingdom of Hawaii becomes a republic as Hawaii's monarchy is overthrown after a group of businessmen and sugar planters force Queen Liliuokalani to abdicate.
1928The fully automatic, film-developing machine is patented by A.M. Josepho. (They didn't have digital cameras in those days, kids.)
1945Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg disappears in Hungary while in Soviet custody. Wallenberg is credited with saving tens of thousands of Jews during World War II.
1946The United Nations Security Council holds its first meeting.
1959Senegal and the French Sudan are joined to form the Federal State of Mali.
1997A court in Ireland grants the first divorce in the Roman Catholic country's history.

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