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History,  n.  One darn thing after another.

      Famous People Born On This Day In History...

1920Howard Cosell, US TV sports announcer and crashing bore.
      Today, this person is/would be 97 years old.
1942Aretha Franklin, soul singer.
      Today, this person is/would be 75 years old.
1947Reginald Kenneth Dwight, aka singer/songwriter Sir Elton John, in England.
      Today, this person is/would be 70 years old.
1965Sarah Jessica Parker, actress.
      Today, this person is/would be 52 years old.
1966Jeff Healey, singer, lap-top guitarist, in Toronto. One of the world's finest blues guitar virtuosos, Healey lost his sight at age one to retinoblastoma (eye cancer).
      Today, this person is/would be 51 years old.

      Events On This Day In History...

708Constantine I is elected pope.
1306Robert the Bruce becomes King of Scotland.
1409The Council of Pisa opens.
1634The first settlers arrive in Maryland (led by Lord Baltimore).
1655Saturn's largest moon, Titan, is discovered by Christian Huygens.
1655Protestants take control of Maryland at the Battle of the Severn.
1802The Treaty of Amiens is signed as a "Definitive Treaty of Peace" between France and United Kingdom.
1807The Slave Trade Act becomes law, abolishing the slave trade in the British Empire.
1807The Swansea and Mumbles Railway in England, then known as the Oystermouth Railway, became the first passenger carrying railway in the world.
1811Percy Bysshe Shelley is expelled from the University of Oxford for his publication of the pamphlet The Necessity of Atheism.
1853Samuel Ward and Mary Ann Shadd publish the first edition of 'The Provincial Freeman' in Windsor, Ontario. The newspaper is for the 40,000 blacks who had fled slavery in the southern US and arrived in Canada via the Underground Railroad.
1821(Julian Calendar) Greeks revolt against the Ottoman Empire, beginning the Greek War of Independence.
1857Phonautograph patented.
1865The "Claywater Meteorite" explodes just before reaching ground level in Vernon County, Wisconsin. Fragments having a combined mass of 1.5 kg are recovered.
1880Toronto Globe editor George Brown, one of the fathers of Canadian confederation, is shot in his office by George Bennett, a disgruntled former employee. Brown later dies later of wounds, and Bennett is hanged for the murder. Many years after that The Globe merges with the Daily Mail and goes on to become Canada's leading daily newspaper, The Globe and Mail.
1893A Toronto cab driver is convicted for driving on Sunday. The penalty: $2 or 10 days in jail.
1894Coxey's Army, the first significant American protest march, departs Massillon, Ohio for Washington D.C..
1901At the five-day "Week of Nice" race in Nice, France, Mercedes wins its first racing victory.
1903After US president Theodore Roosevelt threatens to send in the troops if he doesn't get his way, England capitulates and the Canada/Alaska border is fixed in its present location with no input from the Canadian government. Canada ended up with no seaports in northern BC or the Yukon, and the resulting anti-British sentiment led to the founding of the Canadian Department of External Affairs in 1909. (And the Americans wonder why we don't trust them.).
1908Clube Atletico Mineiro, Founded in Belo Horizonte,Brazil.
1911In New York City the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire kills 146 garment workers.
1913New York City's famed Palace Theatre opens its doors for the first time.
1918The Belarusian People's Republic is established.
1939Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli becomes Pope Pius XII. After World War II, his complicity with fascism leads him to be called Hitler's Pope.
1941Kingdom of Yugoslavia joins the Axis powers with the signing of the Tripartite Pact.
1949The extensive deportation campaign was conducted in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The Soviet authorities deported more than 92,000 people from Baltics to remote areas of the Soviet Union.
1954RCA manufactures the first colour television set.
1957The European Economic Community is established with West Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg as founding members.
1958About 14,000 Avro employees cheer the maiden flight of supersonic fighter the AVRO CF-105 Arrow in Malton, Ontario. It was one of world's most advanced airplanes at the time. Five months later, the Canadian government scrapped the plane.
1965Civil rights activists led by Martin Luther King, Jr. successfully complete their four-day 50-mile march from Selma, Alabama, to the state capitol in Montgomery.
1969During their honeymoon, John Lennon and Yoko Ono hold their first Bed-In for Peace in the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel.
1971Bangladesh Liberation War: Beginning of Operation Searchlight of Pakistan Army against East Pakistani civilians.
1975Faisal of Saudi Arabia is shot and killed by a mentally ill nephew.
1988The Candle demonstration in Bratislava was the first mass demonstration of the 1980s against the communist regime in Czechoslovakia.
1992Cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev returns to Earth after a 10-month stay aboard the Mir space station.
1995Heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson is released from the Indiana Youth Center after serving three years for a rape conviction.
1996An 81-day-long standoff between the anti-government group Montana Freemen and law enforcement near Jordan, Montana, begins.
1996The Labour Party is founded in Turkey.
1996The EU's Veterinarian Committee bans the export of British beef and its by-products as a result of mad cow disease (BSE).
1999Enron energy traders allegedly route 2,900 megawatts of electricity destined to California to Silver Peak, Nevada, population 200.
2004Air Holland files for bankruptcy in response to unproven allegations of cannabis abuse by their pilots. Like those planes were really high, man. Groovy.
2006Protesters demanding a re-election in Belarus following the rigged Belarusian presidential election, clash with riot police. Opposition leader Aleksander Kozulin was among several protesters arrested.
2014US Girl Scout Katie Francis breaks the record for selling cookies for the organization's annual fundraiser, selling 18,107 boxes over a seven-week period.

      And Don't Forget...

                        Independence Day, celebrated in Greece.

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