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History,  n.  One darn thing after another.

      Famous People Born On This Day In History...

1632Sir Christopher Wren, astronomer, greatest English architect of his time, built many of the cathedrals in London.
      Today, this person is/would be 386 years old.
1812Austin Flint, 19th century pioneer in US heart research.
      Today, this person is/would be 206 years old.
1882Bela Lugosi, actor in early horror movies
      Today, this person is/would be 136 years old.
1874Charles Ives, composer.
      Today, this person is/would be 144 years old.
1905Frederic Dannay, aka Ellery Queen, mystery writer.
      Today, this person is/would be 113 years old.
1925Art Buchwald, humourist
      Today, this person is/would be 93 years old.
1931Mickey Mantle, baseball legend.
      Today, this person is/would be 87 years old.
1952Tom Petty, singer/songwriter.
      Today, this person is/would be 66 years old.
1972Calvin Broadus, aka Snoop Doggy Dog, rap artist.
      Today, this person is/would be 46 years old.

      Events On This Day In History...

1600Battle of Sekigahara, which established the Tokugawa clan as rulers of Japan (SHOGUN) until 1865 (basis of Clavell’s novel.)
1740Maria Theresa became the ruler of Austria, Hungary and Bohemia with the death of her father, Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI.
1774The new Continental Congress, the governing body of America’s colonies, passes an order proclaiming that all citizens of the colonies "discountenance and discourage all horse racing and all kinds of gaming, cock fighting, exhibitions of shows, plays and other expensive diversions and entertainment." We’ve all seen how much anybody listened to that.
1817The first "Showboat" leaves Nashville, Tennessee to give shows along the Mississippi. It was a converted keelboat.
1803The US Senate ratifies the Louisiana Purchase in which the US buys much of what is today called Middle America from the French.
1818The US and Britain agreed to set the Canada-US border at the 49th parallel. It is still claimed to be the world’s longest undefended border.
1820Spain gives Florida to the United States, and the crazy Americans take it.
1906Dr. Lee DeForest gives a demonstration of his radio tube.
1935Mao Zedong’s 6,000-mile "Long March" ends as his Communist forces arrived at Yanan, in northwest China, almost a year after fleeing Chiang Kai-shek’s armies in the south. It is a temporary retreat. Fourteen years later Mao’s forces take over China.
1947Hollywood’s film industry comes under scrutiny as the House Un-American Activities Committee opened hearings into alleged Communist influence within the motion picture industry. Future US presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan got their careers started here chasing commies.
1952The Mau Mau uprising against white settlers begins in Kenya.
1961Bob Dylan records his first album, which is self-titled.
1968Jacqueline Kennedy marries multi-millionaire Greek businessman Aristotle Onassis, ending nearly five years of widowhood following the assassination of her first husband, President John F. Kennedy.
1973The Sydney Opera house officially opens.
1975The worlds largest popsicle is assembled: 5,750 lbs.
1995Britain, France and the US announce a treaty to ban atomic blasts in the South Pacific.
2003Kirk Jones, 40, of Canton Township, Mich, becomes the first person to plunge over Niagara Falls unprotected and live. Canadian authorities immediately arrested Jones, who remarkably was uninjured, and charged him with public mischief, a minor criminal offence.

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