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"As above, so below."

This simple and ancient axiom, "As above, so below", explains what astrology is and how it works. The macrocosm reflects the microcosm, and vice versa. The principle upon which astrology is built is that the patterns found in the vastness of the universe are but a larger exposition of the same patterns found within an individual.

This is not such a strange notion to the contemporary mind. Modern fractal mathematics is built upon this same principle, that small patterns of a larger whole are built upon the same mathematical formula as the large whole itself, as the same pattern endlessly repeats itself.

Where mathematics limits itself to numerical gymnastics in the material plane for the most part, astrology has always taken the plunge to link the physical and metaphysical planes. In fact, astrology is based on idea that there is more to existence than the material plane.

The relationships between the macrocosm (the universe, the stars and planets) and the microcosm (the individual) can not only be known, it can be worked with to free the individual from the chains of imprisonment in the material world.

There is no such thing as accident or coincidence, as Carl Jung so ably presents in his principle of synchronicity. Things happen for a reason. True, sometimes that reason is difficult to fathom, but the reason is there if we but search diligently enough. Astrology is one of the tools used in that search.

It has taken thousands of years and countless hundreds of thousands if not millions of astrologers, but we now have a pretty good idea of how to decode the patterns of the planets as they affect an individual. Really all an astrologer does is take this code, the language of the stars which we call Astrology, and translate it into English or whatever other vernacular you speak.

Remember the stars and planets do not cause the unfoldment of the energies in your life; they only reflect the unfolding energies which are already inside of you.

The stars are a mirror. If you look into a mirror and see a smiling face, it is not the mirror which is smiling, it is you.

Astrology is such a mirror, the mirror of your soul.

Thank you for visiting my website. Please understand that I am now retired and am no longer seeing clients. If it happens that you are looking for an astrologer, please click here for some suggestions on how to go about the process.

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