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A quick and inexpensive

Astrological starting point

The Indra Report

A detailed psychological foundation for self-understanding and personal growth.

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Major Life Themes
Natal Report

A quick look at significant patterns in your life.

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The Composite
Relationship Report

A unique and in-depth look at your relationship and its inner dynamics.

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Cosmo Compatibility

A quick look at major themes in a relationship.

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Past Life Reports

An in-depth look at karma and past lives.

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Romance Forecast Reports

Upcoming love & romance energies.

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Emailed computer-generated astrological reports are now available through this website.

The advantages:

  • It's fast;
  • It's quick;
  • It's inexpensive;
  • It outlines major strengths and weaknesses in an individual's personality with incisive accuracy;
  • It outlines major strengths and weakness in the energy interplay of a relationship between two people;
  • It gives an astrological beginner a jump-start to understanding the basics of natal or relationship astrology.

But also understand the limits of these reports. Computers cannot calculate free choice, the evolution of the human soul, or chart the path out of a vexing life situation. Things such as that require a personal astrological reading from a human astrologer to sort out.

Nonetheless, if you want a fast and inexpensive look at your natal chart, your relationship(s), your past lives, or your romance forecast, then these reports are for you. No delay. They're emailed to you as soon as you click your mouse to pay for order.

Note that while accurate birth data is required for most of these reports, for the relationship reports a partial text can still be emailed to you if time of birth is unavailable, a real plus if you haven't got far enough into the relationship that you have the other person's time of birth just yet.

And if you haven't got as far as a relationship just yet, the romance forecast report gives you timely tips about what sort of cosmic energy surrounds you in the romance field. Useful information if you're out there looking for that someone special.

Have you got $2.95?

Reports range in price from $2.95 to $19.95, US currency, although there is a short $1.95 report for the serious bargain hunter.

How to order:

Click here and you will be taken to the order page.

  • Fill in the birth data
  • Enter your email address
  • Pay for the report (credit card)

Your report is emailed to you right away. No waiting. Click here to order.

Looking for a freebie?

You can even get a free copy of the natal chart itself from the ordering page.

Warning: the natal chart is a standard diagram of astrological glyphs and squiggles, which only has meaning to those who have studied astrology.

However, if you have an accurate time of birth, and can read a chart, it's a free and easy way to calculate the Ascendent and the Moon. Click here.

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Major Life Themes Natal Report

Rather than a detailed outline of a person's personality, The Major Life Themes natal report, which runs about 1,000 words, does exactly what its name implies: sketch out significant themes which an individual will encounter throughout their life. This is not life purpose, but a look at a person's style. Click here to read a sample report. Compare it to the much longer Indra report detailed below.


Cosmo Compatibility Report

The Cosmo Compatibility Report summarizes in about 1,000 words the major themes in a relationship. Its strength is its brevity. Ideal as a very quick summary if you've just met someone and want a short, fast (and inexpensive) look at interpersonal possibilities. Click here to read a sample printout, and compare it to the much longer Composite Report described below. Then choose which is best for your situation. Note that you can get a shorter report if you do not know one person's time of birth.

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The Indra natal report leans heavily into the psychological school of astrology, which is the great strength of computer reports, and typically runs about 10,000 to 12,000 words, depending on the complexity of the natal chart.Click here to read a sample report in full.

A free copy of the natal chart is available from the ordering webpage so you can compare both the astrological chart and the English language text at the same time. This report also makes a lovely gift which will delight and surprise the recipient. It's the sort of gift no one really is expecting, so if you're looking for something unique for a gift, this report could be just right.

Please note that accurate birth data is required at the time you place your order.

For people wanting to learn more about themselves and astrology, the Indra report's exploration into defining one's own personality is a most effective tool in growing into a constructive mature individual. It is a beneficial tool for people of any age seeking personal bearings, strengths and weaknesses (areas to improve, of course).

In addition, for young people--particularly teenagers--who might be searching intensely to find out "What sort of person am I?" this report is often a very constructive starting point as it shows them what their adult personality is without having to go through a huge amount of (sometimes painful) trial and error experience.

Another helpful area a natal computer report covers is in getting a glimpse into personalities we may not have met. In other places on this website the explorations into two of Reiki's key personalities, Dr. Usui (the founder) and Mrs. Takata (the bringer of Reiki to the West), are based on this Indra computerized astrological report.

The Indra report is outstanding for what I'm trying to do on those webpages: to see the personalities of Dr. Usui and Mrs. Takata rather than the myths. In the case of Reiki, this is a valuable exercise in reclaiming the history of Reiki which for too long has been bogged down in myth and controversy.

The Indra report is also useful teaching tools for someone just getting started in astrology. Most people have a vague sense of themselves at some level. By seeing the astrology spelled out in clear English along with the natal chart, that vague sense becomes a well-defined sense of self. And the astrology comes to life in a very real and personal fashion.

There are, of course, limits to everything, and I feel obliged to indicate that for a person on a spiritual journey, all computer reports do have the shortcoming of anything based on conventional astrology. They do not and cannot account for the multiplicity of evolutionary paths which potentially are inherent in an individual reaching for the cosmos.

That requires a live astrologer, who him/herself is working on soul-level evolution in some fashion, to do the reading. Computers, of course, do not have a soul and cannot assist in a soul's evolution (contrary to anything you may have heard from Micro$oft's PR department).



Since its (re)discovery in the 1960s, the composite chart has quickly established itself as one of the professional astrologer's finest tools for looking at relationships, much better focused and more clearly defined than the venerable, but often obscure, arcane and confusing technique known as synastry. Click here to read a full sample composite report.

Now you, too, can benefit from this technique without having to study astrology for years. A computer analysis of a composite (relationship) chart is rapidly becoming the place where computer reports shine. They are a remarkably accurate delineation of the complexity of two people's interaction. It not only shows where individuals need to bend and grow to make a relationship work, but also where the blessings are if you and your partner choose to accept them.

The Composite Report available through website is one of the few composite chart analyses around, and happily it is excellent. It typically runs 8,000 to 10,000 words depending on the complexity of the relationship. A free copy of the composite chart itself is also available for your personal study from the ordering webpage.

Here is all the complex intertwining within the relationship spelled out in plain English to be read and digested at your leisure. I have lost track of how many individuals I have seen shaking their heads in amazement at the accuracy of this report. Click here to read what the report has to say about Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana. It's totally uncanny -- and as tawdry as their divorce was, you'll see that there was a lot more going on than the public knew about at the time.

Meanwhile, for the rest of us, whether a couple has just met and is wondering what sorts of dynamics lie ahead of them, or a couple is in the midst of a relationship and wants some sense of strengths and weakness which can be worked on, an analysis of the composite chart is a wonderful help.

Most people enter into a new relationship with high hopes and zero knowledge about what they are getting themselves in for. Only weeks, months, or sometimes years later do they realize that it hasn't turned out as they had planned when they first fell in love. Yet by that time there may be enormous entanglements which are very complex and difficult to unwind (how's that for a polite way to describe a nasty divorce?).

It no longer has to be that way. If you are serious about getting it right this time with Mr. or Ms. Wonderful, check it out here first before you make a long-term commitment (like marriage). Kindly note that accurate birth data for both persons are required at the time you order your report.

(Technical stuff: The composite chart is actually a midpoint chart derived from the natal chart of the two individuals. For instance if Person A has Mars in Taurus and Person B has Mars in Virgo, the composite Mars would be at the midpoint in the sign of Cancer. The rest of the composite chart is calculated in the same fashion. The math is mind-boggling, and we may all be thankful that computers save us the donkey work of the number crunching.)

But like any tool, the computerized analysis of a composite chart has its limits. It does not show how a relationship will unfold over time (transits and progressions). That requires an in-person analysis by a professional astrologer who has experience working with this tool. For some odd reason there aren't a lot of astrologers doing that, which I don't understand given the remarkable effectiveness of this tool.

The other limit of a composite computer report (or an astrological reading for that matter) is that the report does not and cannot indicate how two people might exercise their free choice, in particular their free choice to work with the energy between them as delineated within the composite chart. But the report at least shows the basics of what the two individuals are choosing amongst, and that's a very constructive start.

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The natal reports are fine as far as they go, but the serious spiritual seeker will eventually get around to exploring past lives. Two different reports about past lives are available from this website. "The Karmic Insight" report is the shorter of the two (and costs less), yet it distills in a concise fashion the past life and karmic issues indicated in the natal chart. This is an excellent start for those just getting started on exploring past lives, as well as highlighting issues the more experienced seeker might explore in greater depth. Click here to read the Karmic Insight report for England's young Prince George.

The second past life report, "Ry Redd's Cayce Past Life Report" is longer and more esoteric. It is based upon the readings of Edgar Cayce, the American psychic and seer who lived in the first half of the 20th Century. While Cayce himself was not an astrologer, others who are extracted from his many past life readings of clients the astrological data and assembled it into this report. It's a grand tour of past lives and past life issues based on Cayce's unique perspectives. Cayce fans will love it, and the rest of us can be impressed at the extent to which Cayce's insights can be applied to 21st Century people. Click here to read the Cayce Past Life report for England's young Prince George.

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So who amongst us is not interested in a bit of romance? There's more to romance than that cheap paperback novel sitting on the shelf of the grocery store checkout. In fact, a whole lot more. I've lost track of how many clients (of both genders, BTW) who have wondered out loud about what their charts say about finding Mr. or Ms. Wonderful.

Disclaimer: These romance forcast reports will not tell you when or if Mr. or Ms Wonderful might waltz into your life (or foxtrot for that matter). But what they will do is show you which astrological energies are pirouetting about in your life over the next three months or one year (depending on which report you order). Before you log into that chat room it's very useful to know if the cosmic winds are bringing in breezes of wispy fantasy or hard-nosed practicality, to name a couple of common etheric energies often seen. Of course, there are other energies and they often change. You'll employ different strategies with these different energies at different times to find that person who is "just right". Here's your chance to know what the different energies actually are and when they will be active so you can go with the cosmic flow.

What sort of information is included? Popular culture fans can click here to read a year's romance forecast for Lady Gaga. Note the detail in the one-year report. (C'mon, admit it. You just always wanted the inside scoop on Lady Gaga's love life.)

          Click here to order now.        


Thank you for visiting my website. Please understand that I am now retired and am no longer seeing clients. If it happens that you are looking for an astrologer, please click here for some suggestions on how to go about the process.

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