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Okay, let's all be honest and admit it. We all read the daily horoscope in the newspaper. We all know our "sign". And we all wonder why it is the newspaper horoscope always keeps talking about somebody else's day?

Welcome to Sun-sign astrology. Brought to you by your Astrological Delicatessen, purveyors of tasty bite-size tidbits everywhere.

The public loves it. Newspapers get the most complaints when they goof up and forget to publish their daily horoscope. (And I'll bet bet you thought the sports section had the most readership. Not so, and I know for sure because I've worked as a newspaper reporter.) But serious astrologers roll their eyes to the ceiling at the mere mention of Sun-sign astrology. So why the conflicting reactions?

In one word: simplicity. Sun-sign astrology is easy, a no-brainer. All a person has to do is know where their Sun is placed in the zodiac. Any newspaper will give you that information. Anybody can figure it out.

Of course, the only problem here, as any astrologer knows, is that the Sun is less than 10% of a person's natal chart, and so Sun-sign astrology is ignoring about 92% to 95% of what is going on with an individual. Messy things like aspects, houses, transits, progressions, and other planetary bodies (which take years to learn about) are left out of Sun-sign astrology.

So if your daily horoscope in the newspaper seems to be talking about somebody else, probably it's because you are an evolved enough soul to be aware that the "messy things" count in your life. If that's the case, maybe you might want to learn about the "messy things" in astrology yourself or see an astrologer who can interpret the "messy things" for you.

This is why astrologers always warn that Sun-sign astrology is just for fun. Yet, it does have a good purpose. People have to start somewhere, and Sun-sign astrology is a painless introduction to astrology as long as it isn't taken seriously.

Conclusion? If you've got a serious question for which you seek guidance from astrology, then do it right and get your full natal chart read by an astrologer who is suitable for you. But if you're just looking for some quick entertainment, then click one of the links below:

Horoscope links page. Links to several websites with daily, weekly, or monthly horoscopes. Total silliness, and a certified time-waster. Sun-sign Karma. Each sign of the Zodiac has its own karma. Learn about yours here.
Light bulb jokes. Sorry, but I just couldn't resist. Somebody emailed me a light bulb joke for the signs of the zodiac.

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