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If your life seems
like déjà vu all over again
....maybe it is

As a child I looked up into the star-filled night sky and gazed in awe of the universe. I bugged my father for a telescope. He finally relented, and I was the proud owner of a 3-inch reflector. The craters of the moon were real! And so much clearer than the pictures.

Saturn really does have rings. I saw them myself. While many, many other things in my life have changed immeasureably, this has not. I still gaze in awe at the universe on a starry night.

I sometimes like to think that perhaps my adult reasons for doing so are oh, so much more sophisticated. Not really. It's still the same reasons today, and they are far beyond the grasp of any language of man. It is the language of the stars.

The vastness of the universe is humbling, yet at some point we realize that our small saga of life is enmeshed in this great cosmic reality. This occurs, it first seems, for no other reason than by being incarnate. Yes, we grope, we plunge, and sometimes we struggle until one day we realize there are signposts and guides along the way to make life easier. Karmic astrology provides signposts and guides as we traverse the philosophical, material, and spiritual journey called life.

Karmic Astrology FAQ A long FAQ, but then it's a big topic and there's lots of Frequently Asked Questions.

How does astrology work?That astrology has been around for thousands of years shows a lot of people figure it works. Here's why.

Past life FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions about past lives, why some remember them, why some don't, and why it makes any difference in any event.

Dane Rudhyar. An appreciation for the father of Karmic Astrology. While he was with us, this writer/astrologer/mystic/visionary was amazing in his insight.

Selecting an astrologer. Doing a little bit of homework first before you phone an astrologer will go a long way to getting you the reading which is best for you.

Ephemerides, past, present, and future are available in ASCII text version for the entire year, all for free. The ephemeris FAQ explains more about it.

About the astrologer. For some odd reason (maybe it's because by mainstream standards I am a bit odd) people are curious about my life story, so here's a couple of brief philosophical vignettes which more or less summaraize my life.

Mercury retrograde. About three times a year, the planetary trickster, Mercury, snarls things up in the world. Here's how to prevent a mess and the dates you need to be careful.

Sun-sign astrology.Everybody knows their sign, but Sun-sign astrology isn't even the tip of the astrolgoical iceberg, which is why it's for entertainment only.

Birth Data. Astrologers throughout the world require accurate birth data, including the exact time of birth. Learn why this apparent piece of minutia is crucial to the meaning of your soul.

Saturn return. It happens to everyone at age 29.  It does not have to be a disaster or even a soap opera, but you do have to grow up.

The New Planets. The early years of the 21st Century have suddenly brought us the discovery of new outer planets which are redefining astrology, the cosmos, and our understanding of out place in the universe.

The New Planet Forum, a unique feature of this website where for years now astrologers from around the world have been discussing the meaning of the new planets for astrology and humanity. Some very thoughtful posts from from very thoughtful people.

Here are some of the new planets:
Quaoar. Located outside the orbit of Pluto, Quaoar speaks of taking chaos and turning it into Cosmic Creativity.
Orcus, the other god of the underworld.
Sedna has a 10,500-year orbit and promises to bring many profound changes to the way we think about Western astrology.
Eris, the planet named after the goddess of discord.
Makemake, the creator god of the indigenous peoples of Easter Island.
Haumea, the Polynesian goddess of childbirth and fertility.
The Centaurs. More than a dozen small planetary bodies discovered in the late 20th Century were the harbingers of the new planets.

"Sapiens homo dominatur astris."

St. Thomas Aquinas
Summa Theologica

Thank you for visiting my website. Please understand that I am now retired and am no longer seeing clients. If it happens that you are looking for an astrologer, please click here for some suggestions on how to go about the process.

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