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Quaoar discovery image
Quaoar  discovery image

The 21st Century's

first major planetary discovery

The June 4, 2002, discovery of Quaoar makes it the largest planetary body to be found in the Solar System since Pluto was discovered in 1930. Located billions of miles from Earth and beyond the orbit of Pluto, this 800-mile wide ball of rock and ice opens up a new chapter in both astronomy and astrology in the 21st Century.

For astrologers this signifies that the transpersonal planets of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto now have a sibling transpersonal planet whose profound depths we can only begin to imagine. Quaoar (pronounced KWAH-o-wahr) will reshape the way we think about ourselves, our spiritual evolution, and our place in The Universe.

Western astrologers around the world will be taking careful note of Quaoar as Western astrology is the only astrological system in the world which accepts new planetary bodies and reformulates itself to take into account the meanings and insight a new planet brings.

The links below are a few of my first thoughts. We do have to begin somewhere, knowing full well our grasp of Quaoar will evolve in directions we cannot now fathom. Please understand everything you read here is really written in pencil and not ink. Yet having said that, as a veteran astrologer in the field of Karmic Astrology, I am convinced that Quaoar will represent a fundamental change in our relationship with the cosmos and our individual spiritual evolution from one life to the next. This change will likely be far more profound than anything we might first imagine. Let's explore:

The mythology of Quaoar is fascinating. While on its own, the mythology is a simple but beautiful creation story from one of North America's indigenous peoples, it also contains echoes from some of the high esoteric teachings of the Eastern Sanskrit traditions and echoes from the mystical Kabbalah. These echoes may provide clues for the astrological and spiritual significance of Quaoar and what its interpretation might be in the natal astrogical chart of individuals. Click here to learn more. Generational Influences. Not only does Quaoar provides a unique window through which to look back at the generations of the 20th Century, it is a guide which helps to understand the new Indigo children and their generation, the 21st Century's first group of movers and shakers. Here we look at Quaoar's astrological meaning by zodiac sign. Click here to learn more.
New Planet Forum. Something else unique on this website, a moderated bulletin board forum where you can post your thoughts, views, observations and opinions, etc about Quaoar and the other new planets. Most importantly, please post your experiences with this new planet. It's only with these public exchanges that we'll get a handle on what Quaoar really means. Sure I've tossed out my ideas, but you likely will have insights I've missed. (And good news, the bug which was getting you the 403 error is now corrected.) Ephemeris.  You now have four options to choose from for a free Quaoar astrological ephemeris:   a quickie 10-day ephemeris for the years 1900 to 2036, a daily ephemeris for the years 1800 to 2100, and both a long and a short version for the years 650 C.E. to 2103 C.E.   Click here to select the one which works best for you.

Discovery chart. Includes a printer-friendly version of the discovery chart you can print out. Click here.
The astronomy surrounding Quaoar will be opening avenues of research for scientists for many years to come. What is known so far expands our scientific knowledge of the solar system and is an interesting story as well. Click here to learn more. The two creator gods. Quaoar isn't the only planet named after creator god. Makemake is the other one. The two planets interact in a fashion which describes the evolution of civilization over thousands of years. If you can handle reading thick astrological terminology click here to learn more.

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