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A generational indicator

(and a look at the Indigos)

The newly-discovered planet, Quaoar, is an astrological key to identifying and understanding generational influences, particularly the Indigo children for whom Quaoar is a key defining astrological planet.

Like the other outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto), astrological interpretation of Quaoar by zodiac sign will be a generational indicator rather than a personal energy in the natal chart. In so doing, Quaoar begins by providing a fascinating rear-view mirror to look at 20th Century generations.

Creeping along through each zodiac sign at a rate of about 23 years per sign, Quaoar had the unique configuration of conjuncting the other three known outer planets during the 20th Century giving us a singular retrospective of the last century's demographics. It will be hundreds of years before we see this triple conjunction again.

For openers, Quaoar conjuncted Neptune (using a 6° orb) from December 1933 through June 1948, a remarkably long conjunction which divides into three distinct time segments. The first segment was when the conjunction was in late Virgo from December 1933 through April 1942. This marks the younger group of the World War II generation, the ones who, while not combatants, can often remember specific childhood-related events associated with the war.

During the second segment of Quaoar conjunct Neptune, May 1942 through August 1945, both Quaoar and Neptune were changing signs. Both planets were passing back and forth over the Libra-Virgo cusp and frequently one planet was on one side of the cusp while the other planet was on the opposite side, thus giving a classic dissociate conjunction. These individuals were those born during the middle and late part of World War II, and while they have no conscious recollection of the war for the most part, the temper of the times left its indelible imprint upon them at a deep level, but the confusion often associated with a dissociate conjunction is evident in their inability to articulate the imprint's impact on their lives.

That ended by September 1945 when both Quaoar and Neptune entered Libra and remained in conjunction in that sign through June 1948. These are the early Baby Boomers, but those born from September 1946 to June 1948 are also coloured by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Leo as well as the Quaoar-Neptune conjunction in Libra. Because the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is so intensely inward looking, and Quaoar-Neptune conjunction in Libra is so ethereally cosmic (and for the most part ignored by these self-gratifying Boomers), this is a quiet group of people we don't much hear about. It's the July 1949 onwards Boomers with Pluto in Leo and no other outer planet distractions who have arrived at stage centre in the public's and the demographer's eyes.

Quaoar continued its generational signatures in the mid-1970s when from November 1974 to November 1978 it was conjunct Uranus in Scorpio (again using a 6° orb). Here we have the Generation Y astrological signature in the same way that the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo during the 1960s was the Generation X astrological signature. These 1974-1978 individuals will have the most remarkable entries into midlife at about age 40 when Uranus opposes their natal conjunction of Quaoar and Uranus. Look for some spectacular career changes out of their banal ordinary jobs into more creative fields of endeavour. They will be the prophets who herald the coming of the generation just behind them.

Quaoar, an Indigo indicator

In generational astrology (the astrology of the outer planets by sign), Quaoar is best seen in it's ability to define the generation which popular culture now calls the Indigo Children. The so-called Indigo Children began incarnating in small numbers during the 1980s and in larger numbers during the 1990s. A few stragglers are even incarnating now in late 2002. Understand that not all children born in the 1980s and 1990s are Indigos; indeed probably only a minority are Indigos.

But they are unique. These are the kids who are labelled "different" by their parents, teachers, and peers. And as individuals, they know they are "different", although for the most part they are still too young to articulate what the difference is. But the difference, metaphysically speaking, is simple. They are vibrating with a new higher energy, the likes of which this world has not seen in a very long time. While the complex astrological signatures for this generation involve all the now-known outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Quaoar), Pluto and Quaoar are the bookends for this singular generation.

The astrological signature for the Indigo generation began in 1983, at which time both Quaoar and Pluto had entered Scorpio. This is about the time the first Indigos began to incarnate. Interestingly 1983 also marked the first Pluto-Saturn conjunction since the late 1940s, so once again we have an intense but quiet start to a momentous generation. Yet already these kids are getting noticed and have been given their own generational appellation, Indigo. Astonished contemporary writers (mainly parents) have noted that they are poised to make one huge impact of change and transformation on this planet when they reach adulthood. They will actually do the kinds of change that their parents only managed to talk about once long ago.

Let's take a detailed look at Pluto and Quaoar for the Indigos. The intensity of this generation builds until the 1990s when it hits a double peak. Quaoar was conjunct Pluto from September 1991 through November 2002 (6° orb), and like the sign-straddling World War II Quaoar conjunction, this Quaoar-Pluto conjunction also straddles two signs, in this case Scorpio and Sagittarius, which IMHO is the most potent of the cusps on the zodiac. No planet is subtle sitting on this cusp. For these conjunction individuals, chaos and profound transformation will be second nature, and they will not understand anyone who does not see complete upheaval and reconfiguration as the normal way to effect change. Already their Boomer and Gen-X parents and teachers are often completely flummoxed by these incomprehensible children.

There are three distinct segments to this Pluto-Quaoar configuration for those who make up this part of the Indigo generation. A two-year stretch from September 1991 through November 1993 marks the first segment of the conjunction during which Quaoar and Pluto were conjunct in late Scorpio. The second segment of the conjunction, during which Quaoar and Pluto are zig-zagging back and forth across the cusp of Scorpio-Sagittarius, lasted from December 1993 to November 1995, and is often characterized by a dissociate conjunction between the two planets. Finally both planets are in Sagittarius for the third and final segment of their conjunction which lasts almost seven years from January 1995 to November 2002.

Boriska Meet   Boriska,   a precocious 12-year-old Indigo child from Russia who remembers his past lives on Mars, and also his past lives here on earth in Lemuria. Click here to download a 182MB zip file containing five web articles plus a 65-minute video documentary in wmv format in which he draws pictures of the flying saucers he used to fly from Mars to explore Earth long ago. He also predicts serious Earth changes in 2009 and 2013.

We. may expect significant differences between the individuals in each of the segments of the Pluto-Quaoar conjunction. For instance, while both the first and second segments are amazingly intense, especially the first segment children (the 1993 kids are the most intense), the second segment, born during the dissociate conjunction, likely will have a more complex and richer tapestry of energy to manifest.

Adding to that tapestry of energy is the Uranus-Neptune conjunction (January 1990 through December 1996 using a 6° orb), an exceptionally demanding energy in its own right. Combined with the Pluto-Quaoar conjunction, this gives us the highest energy group of people we've seen on this planet for several millennia. Uranus conjuncting Neptune lasted through the first two segments of the Quaoar-Pluto conjunction in the early 1990s, and cranks up the intensity and vibration to levels long-forgotten on planet Earth.

Some of these kids will burn out in the soup of density in which the world currently wallows, others will be misdiagnosed as have something "wrong" (and abused by the educational/medical/psychiatric establishment), but I would expect most will hack their way through the dying Old Order and make it into adulthood. Nonetheless, it will be the individuals born with both Quaoar conjunct Pluto and Uranus conjunct Neptune in the early 1990s who will be the world-shakers.

The third and final segment, individuals who have the Quaoar-Pluto conjunction in Sagittarius, are still incarnating as this is written, so it's a bit dodgy to call what these kids will be like. Nonetheless, with the absence of the Uranus-Neptune conjunction for most of them and the Sagittarian influence instead of the Scorpio influence, they will be quite different from the earlier Indigos, more likely less intense (comparatively speaking) and more expansive than the soul-searing earlier Indigos.

The Quaoar-Pluto energy is still unfolding right now in the early 21st Century. The bookend demarcating the end of the Indigo Generation and the beginning of a post-Indigo generation would likely be the end of the Quaoar-Pluto conjunction in November 2002 (my best estimate right now). Less likely demarcation points might be when Pluto leaves Sagittarius (2008), or Quaoar leaves Sagittarius (2017).

And yes, as mind-boggling a notion as a post-Indigo generation might be (given that we still haven't grasped the Indigos just yet), understand that the Indigos are just the beginning. Someone is going to have to take the change they initiate and bring it forward into concrete structure, form, and usefulness. (Sounds like Pluto and Quaoar in Capricorn to me.) Anyway, those kids won't incarnate for a few years yet (whew!).

Nonetheless, pay attention to the Indigo kids. They are defining the transition to a new order, the likes of which we do not and cannot see or know today. They understand how to create, use, and shape chaos into something never seen before. And they will not hesitate to do so to change the world, and given the state the world is in, it may be the only option left in any event. No one will have to explain the impermanence of all things to them. They are itching to create that impermanence.

Don't expect these kids to take any prisoners or brook any nonsense when their time comes. They aren't going to be happy about inheriting a polluted cesspool of a planet, run by greed, bigotry, deceit and violence. They have an agenda. It's called cleaning up the mess. Pluto rips out the decay and rot. Quaoar brings in the Divine Chaos to be shaped into a new creation on planet Earth. When these kids arrived, both Quaoar and Pluto were in Scorpio, which talks of mass change and transformation. It will not be subtle with these kids. They have a job to do. They will do it.

One way, the only way

And we will live in interesting times.

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