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ASTROLOGY, General links

The Mountain Astrologer. An excellent English-language astrology magazine published out of California. Their links page alone is worth a visit, but they have some very good articles (from beginners to advanced) online as well.

Star Signs Astrology Zine. Canadian astrologer Michael Star presents a delightful and eclectic pot pourri of astrological and related miscellanea.

Metalog, the venerable British astrology website, has a heavy emphasis on psychological astrology, one of the 20th Century's major developments in astrological thinking.

Project Hindsight. For Western astrology, this is one of the more significant astrological endeavours coming out of the late 20th Century: translating and reclaiming the long-forgotten astrological literature of the ancient Greeks and Romans. See the software section below if you'd like to try this kind of calculation on your own computer.

Rudhyar Archival Project. Dedicated to preserving and disseminating the work of Dane Rudhyar, the 20th Century astrologer who dragged Western astrology out of the Medieval era into the modern world.

Kepler College. For the first time in several hundred years in the Western world it is now possible to get an accredited university degree in astrology. Both undergraduate and graduate programmes offered. Pity it's only conventional Western astrology, but you've got to start somewhere.

Fixed Stars. In ancient astrology, fixed stars were a prominent feature often as important as the planets, but in the past 200 years or so they have been all but forgotten. Here is a Google search of several websites which cover the subject.

Astro*Carto*Graphy. The unique astrological work of the late Jim Lewis continues on this website where his relocational charts and reports are available. If you're wondering why the city or country you're living in is the pits, it just might be the stars and not the people.


Sun-sign horoscope links. C'mon, 'fess up now. You read the newspaper horoscope every now and then. It's okay, we all do. So here are links to more than 30 websites where you can fritter away lots of time--perfect for a dull day at work. Just so you know: this website keeps no record of which horoscopes you click to (although your systems administrator in IT might keep records), and entertainment is the only redeeming social value for these horoscope links.

MMA Cycles. If you've got an investment portfolio worth five figures or more, this is a must visit website. Ray Merriman has spent most of his adult life correlating financial markets (DJIA, gold, T-Bills, grains, etc.) with astrological configurations. His predictive ability, while not perfect, is uncanny. The stars do affect the market. Add astrological analysis to your fundamental and technical analyses. An amazing number of market pros do just that as they quietly use the MMA newsletters to their great profit. You can, too.  Advisory:   it's complicated, and a steep learning is in front of the beginner.

The Evolving Door. Astrology for the Spirit, Heart and Mind. Wendy Guy's eclectic website featuring New and Full Moon horoscopes, interpretation of astrological events, in-depth articles, astrological humour, and an extensive glossary of astrological terms.

Astrology's Own Web-Ring. This is the master list (including links to each site) for all the astrology websites on this growing and eclectic web ring. If you want to browse through some quirky, delightful, and diverse astrology websites, then here's your opportunity.




Chiron and Friends Veteran Chiron researcher Zane Stein's website. A must visit for those interested in the astrology of the Centaur bodies.

The Centaur Research Project. Robert von Heeren's bilingual (English/German) website covers not only the Centaur bodies but also the Trans-Neptunian planets as well.

Current Centaurs list. Hosted by Harvard University this is the official scientific list of all the known Centaur planetary bodies. The turgid and boring scientific presentation masks a wealth of useful factual information. If you'd like to stay awake at this site, pour a cup of coffee before you click.




Cosmic Patterns. Professional astrology software, the Kepler program in Windows is now accessible to beginners as well. Wheels on this website were done using only a small fraction Kepler's capability. This is not cheap software, but you get what you pay for: accuracy, quality, and an abundance of features. No, I do not work for nor am I associated in any way with Cosmic Patterns. I'm just a fussy, nitpicking Virgo who knows good software when he uses it.

StarLite. The freeware offering from Cosmic Patterns for Win95/98/ME/2000/XP platform gives a natal chart and chart printout, and the chance to sample the software.

Astrology @ Planet Zodiac: The Lost Horoscope X-Files. For the lovers of antiquity. The ancient style of astrological calculation from 2,000 years ago can now be done for modern people using this modern software (and you don't have to learn Latin). Zodiac aphesis astrology software and free birth chart analysis tips based on the lost horoscope x-files from Greek, Medieval and Renaissance sources.


Astrolog. Although clunky and not at all user-friendly, this is the premier astrology freeware available on the Net. It's calculations are accurate, which cannot be said for a lot of astrological shareware, freeware, and cheapware. Has features not found in many professional programmes.

Allen Edwall's astrology software. Windows-based and designed for beginners, this freeware is accurate enough (although professionals and Virgos won't be satisfied) to get an astrological newbie started. Simple graphic wheels. Brief text interpretations of chart configurations and supplementary tutorials are helpful.


Riyal software. A labour of love by Juan Antonio Revilla, a Costa Rican astrologer, provides badly needed but hard-to-find numbers. For instance: the daily positions of all the named and unamed Centaurs (think Chiron) updated regularly as new ones are discovered, plus several asteroids, Transneptunians, and Uranians. Ephemerides for Quaoar, Sedna, and Orcus available on this website were calculated using this software. It's revised regularly so visit often to stay up to date, but be patient as sometimes the server is down. Available in Win32 platform only.



ASTROLOGY Newsgroups.

The circus which is called Usenet contains several astrology newsgroups. (As an aside, the name, newsgroup, warrants an investigation by the Department of Consistent Oxymorons.) Politely speaking, postings in these newsgroups ebb and flow in topic, number, and quality.











Complete Guide to Reiki. A free online Reiki textbook. While it really isn't complete (little in Reiki is complete), the book is well suited for those wishing a reasonably comprehensive introduction to the subject.

The Reiki Master WebRing Only Reiki Masters are allowed to put a website on this webring. This master list (including links to each site) is another way to sample the many directions Reiki has evolved and is evolving.

World Wide Reiki Ring Less limited webring membership rules brings a diversity of sites dealing with almost any sort of interest in Reiki. A mixed bag in terms of quality, but it has its moments. The master list includes links to each site.




Like all of Usenet, the postings to alternative health newsgroups vary greatly. Sometimes there are very interesting and useful threads. Other times Tetris games are more constructive.








Note:   A lesson here in the impermanence of all things.

Google has often been described as a mile wide and an inch deep, flooding your browser with thousands of irrelevant links. Good news, however. Now there are lots of other search engines which do a better job. Check out the meta-search engines below. A meta-search engine will search all the other lesser known (but very good) search engines for your topic and present you with a summary of links. This saves you a lot of time repeating the same search over and over, a tedious chore at best. Try these:

Clusty. This search engine rocks. Without a doubt the definitive alternative to Google, and IMHO likely the best English-language search engine in the world. Avoids the problem of too many irrelevant links (Google's biggest problem), and presents the results in clustered categories which speeds your search considerably. Bookmark this puppy and take it for a walk.

Ixquick. A new entrant into the meta-search world. Has extra features the others don't have, like a reverse phone lookup. Don't know what that is? Suppose your caller ID said you just got a call from 213-555-8901. Who that heck is that? Check Ixquick. If it's a listed number, you'll find out. Cool.

Mamma.com. A Canadian meta-search engine which does a good nuts and bolts service notwithstanding some of its many corporate problems. Very reasonable links for a search.

Dogpile. Used in the past (pre-Google) era by operatives of Canada's spy agency, the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service. Still a solid meta-search engine after all these years.

Search-a-lot. Very few ads, which is nice. Another veteran meta-search engine which has been around for years doing yoeman's service.

Webring Search Engines

Webrings are groups of websites with similar themes which link together for easy surfing through a single topic. A mind-boggling diversity of topics are covered by webrings, hence the search engines below specializing in and sponsoring webrings. If you can think of a topic, (yes, blush, even those topics) somebody likely has a webring specializing in it.

Webring, Back at last. After a disastorous marriage to Yahoo, the divorce is now complete, and Webring has returning to its usual and independent self. Well worth a visit.

Ringsurf.com The other big web ring centre. Now well-established and functioning on its own.




Astronomy Picture of the Day. Culled from the NASA, the Hubble Space Telescope, and other collections, a different, intriguing, and often beautiful photograph posted every day from some obscure corner of the cosmos you've never heard about.

Stonepages. A stunning photo gallery of megalithic sites in the UK and western Europe. Stonehenge is only one of hundreds of such sites. Also an outstanding links page to related websites dealing with these neolithic enigmas.

Irfanview Image Viewer. Must have for your picture collection. Does everything except your laundry. An awesome image viewer all by itself, yet also includes a file manager which is easier to use than Explorer, plays AVI, WAV, and MP3 files, plays MPEG video files, makes screensavers and icons, too. Plus numerous plugins. Free for personal use.

Skype internet telephony. Free world-wide internet telephone service on a computer to computer basis using Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP). Invented by Niklas Zennstrom, the same guy who gave us Kazaa. After many upgrades, voice quality can still be a bit odd, but hey, it's a freebie.


Thank you for visiting my website. Please understand that I am now retired and am no longer seeing clients. If it happens that you are looking for an astrologer, please click here for some suggestions on how to go about the process.

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