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Posted By: Mami on: 02/14/2013 01:13:20 ET
Subject: rlWLzRLkrfagNmbaXz

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Lovely music! Yet I don't quite make out how Sedna affects other boides (might be normal today!). I notice it will be conjunct the Ascendant for my next Solar Return. What should that mean?Hi Katia! Sedna has a way of making us unable to see whatever it's touching in your case, Sedna on your Solar Return Ascendant suggests that you may experience a period of being out-of-touch with your own personality, perhaps unsure of how to put yourself out into the world, how to interact with others on first meeting. It may feel like a second adolescence, where you are looking for the face you want to present to others and this implies a certain amount of experimenting may go on. Look closely at what else Sedna will aspect, so that you know what other energies may not be available to you for instance, if it will at the same time aspect the Solar Return Sun, the identity will be hidden, making establishing who you are through the personality twice as hard! If Sedna touches Mercury, communication in either direction will be unavailable, in the sense that you won't know what others are really telling you, or what you're telling them! And so on.This will also have the effect of making it impossible for others to get a clear picture of who you are when you meet in this case, much will depend on individual cross-chart connections. With those who already know you, you may seem to be putting a different persona forward than they're used to. It may be a disorienting time for both yourself and others, but one that may free you from personality constraints that may have held you back in some way, particularly in forming new relationships.Good luck Katia!jd
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