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Posted By: Odinakaeze on: 02/13/2013 05:51:36 ET
Subject: cVjLLQwfATnV

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I would say that I got my first exposure to skpciteal media in the mid-1980s. I spent 5 years in the middle of my 20s in a New Age cult (up until 1983), and had been totally traumatized by the experience, not the least of which was having a spiritual belief system I was deeply invested in collapse. I managed to hook up with a counseling service that helped ex-cult members, and through it I was introduced to the counter-cult movement. Many of the books, articles and conference talks I absorbed addressing ex-cult members were de facto skpciteal media; I was exposed to some fantastic analyses of religion and mass poltiical movements, and how they are structured and function; what fanaticism is, what authoritarianism/totalism is, how just about any person can be conned, manipulated and persuaded without them being aware of what is going on, how history can be distorted and fictions can be believed as gospel, how myths are started and cultivated, how a cult leader can be deified by followers, and so on. One therapist I knew back then mentioned the magic word CSICOP (now CSI and the publisher of Skeptical Inquirer ). I am forever grateful.
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