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Posted By: Eccentricity on: 01/24/2013 00:03:13 ET
Subject: Sedna is not evil!

Message Detail:
Sedna's 10,500 year orbit marks an approximate half way position in the procession of equinoxes, or the great year. This is very useful to know.

By studying the movement of Sedna throughout the signs and understanding what was going on in history during those periods, we'll be able to get a general idea of the "flavor" of an age, or period in history.

Furthermore, by noting conjunctions to Sedna, as well as oppositions, we can compare these aspects to historical events happening during those times and eventually decypher her energies.

When a personal planet is seen conjuncting Sedna in a natal chart it is likely to indicate that the person will play a pivotal role pertaining to the time period in which they have been born, for better or for worse.

When an outer planet is seen conjuncting or opposing Sedna in the natal chart, it would be wise to remember that the effect is likely to be generational. That is, many people born within a given alotment of months/years will share the aspect.

Many notable historical figures have contacts to Sedna. If we give Sedna a 1 degree orb, it will be seen to conjunct Abraham Lincoln's Part of Fortune. Although the part of fortune is a mathematical point and thereby cannot form an orb, the planets located near the part of fortune continue to have an orb. If the part of fortune falls within the orb of a given planet, it can be seen to be relative to the influence of a given planet. As this conjunction to the part of fortune may not sit well with other astrologers, the following examples of Sedna contact will include physical bodies.

Gandhi had Pallas conjuncting Sedna by an orb of 1 degree. Martin Luther King Junior had Vesta conjuncting Sedna by an orb of 3 degrees. Padre Pio had Ceres conjuncting Sedna by an orb of 2 degrees. William Walker Atkinson AKA Yogi Ramacharaka had Neptune conjuncting Sedna on his ascendent at an exact orb of 1 degree. Albert Einstein had Mercury conjuncting Sedna by an orb of 1 degees and his part of fortune fell upon the same degree as Sedna within a matter of minutes. Yogananda had Mars conjuncting Sedna exact to the degree by a manner of minutes. St. Francis of Assisi had Neptune conjuncting Sedna by an orb of 2 degrees. Rudolph Steiner had Neptune conjuncting Sedna exact to the degree, but not to the minute, while Mercury conjuncted Neptune a mere 3 degrees away. In Edgar Cayce's chart we see that his natal sun is 4 degrees away from his natal Sedna. The chart of Guglielmo Marconi also shows a Sun to Sedna conjunction, this time by the distance of one degree.

None of these people are considered evil by conventional standards.

The mythology of Sedna in no way indicates that she was evil. By the contrary, it was her father who threw her off the boat and sliced off her fingers. The myth states that her severed fingers took the form of dolphins, seals, and whales. This shows creation through strife, if anything. Besides, when was the last time anybody heard of an evil dolphin?

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