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Posted By: CosMike on: 02/1/2012 11:45:32 ET
Subject: Note on the outer-Neptunians: Things to Consider

Message Detail:
In reading many of these posts, I notice a lot of "planet of evil", "Narrow-mindedness" of some of these outer objects.

I would like to caution, that even Pluto could have this designation, but we now know that Pluto represents the un-Earthing of the sub-counscious, bringing it out of unconscious into the light of day

As such we should remember that these bodies are revealers: of things that we would like best to keep hidden. Remember that when people "do evil" it is because they fear. So these planets can reveal destructive habits that engage in out of fears who's exposure seem to threaten our survival in some way, weither it be our bodies, our identities, or our very soul.

We need to look at the bigger picture and when we look at charts and transits to see what is related (if something is actually related to a function of another planet or not). Of course, Outer Planets usually function through (more) inner planets, so we need to find out how these planets opperate through the other planets and notice the difference in order to understand the real meaning of these planets.

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