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Posted By: Isy Aweigh on: 07/31/2011 17:13:35 ET
Subject: RE: Diferences between Pluto and Orcus

Message Detail:
This is two years later, so you've found some answer by now, even though the time is so short.

Most heartfelt condolences.

Those trines tie into your maternal love/homelife, higher mind, and true purpose, so I think you're right in your feeling of this terrible gift being there for you to use.

Eris is the catalyst/instigator who throws us the opportunity to see what we really are made of, Mars is the force of action and initiative, and both are in a hard square to Orcus; another reinforcement of that message. A hard gift it is, almost a command: Go! Do!!

Cancer in the 5th house, where your child is concerned, is almost redundant, as Cancer is so very attached to what it loves. It's emotional in a very powerful way, not fussy or dramatic, but as strong as the tides. It wants to hold and protect what's close, an urge that you didn't get to use to save your son's life. But the urge is still there.

This powerful attachment to your dear boy and your protective instinct is probably an important attribute to use in your future work. Imagine a crab reaching out to secure friendly contacts and finding them safe homes on its shell where they can be carried about and find new resources, while hiding the crab from predators; providing help and being helped itself at exactly the same time. This is a clear image here. (I live by the sea, so this is familiar to me!)

I suspect the work also involves other children and probably other parents, with important elements of play and recreation built into the work. This is planted so firmly in the 5th house/Cancer "nest" that that seems important.

Take a peek at your 6th house, where deeper health issues may show, but look more closely at your 9th house, wider knowledge and worldly exposure, your 10th house, which usually relates to work in the world, and your 11th house, where networks and what happens in them is revealed -- connections, social contacts, evolution in bodies of knowledge.

Look for Chiron's placement, the teacher/guide/wounded healer. Look for Jupiter, the force of expansion, wider understanding, and a social level of love that transcends Venus's personal level of love. Your trined True Node is in either Pisces or Scorpio, both water signs, indicating that this emotion-led purpose is true to your soul's purpose; learning more about its sign can indicate where you can find real comfort, whether more creative (Pisces) or intellectual (Scorpio) in nature.

All of these are indicated just in the snippet you've given us here.

Justyna, I wish you comfort, strength, and real relief. May good things come to you.

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