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Posted By: Isy Aweigh on: 07/31/2011 16:20:08 ET
Subject: RE: Orcus

Message Detail:
Given Orcus's quiet, remote position, solitary stance (unlike Pluto, locked in a hypnotic dance with Charon, with 3 other moons in attendance), it doesn't seem a stretch to consider Orcus not so much disruptive, but more about revealing disruption that's been concealed.

In love, I've read of some indications that Orcus indicates broken promises come to light.

The exposure of the worldwide banking crisis, and the meltdown that it caused, seems relevant; the hedge fund BS and the crazy way of grouping and handling mortgages was getting to full steam in 2004, as I recall, and the few smart financial people were looking at it and going "WTF? That's definitely going to break!"

Bush 2 was elected to his second term then, and I think it was about then that he made his vile remarks about WMDs. It was another nightmare moment for those with their eyes open, ushering in a new level of government espionage, privileged duplicity, and ill-concealed disruption of the electoral process in the US. The expansion of the wars in the Middle East and the Russian involvement in its semi-autonomous South-Western regions got uglier. Wasn't that about the time that China was discovered to be putting melamine into petfood and baby products?

Exposing bad faith (where it exists), uncontrolled greed, and destructive stupidity seems like an appropriate force in the world, about now. It might also explain why Orcus doesn't do much but take up space in the charts of those who aren't interested in manifesting those traits.

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