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Posted By: Rocio Incera on: 01/28/2010 13:56:06 ET
Subject: Orcus

Message Detail:
I tend to think that Orcus will lead us to remake, to recreate the Archetypes. The Collective Unconscious. And it is to bring a new sense of what we all are, when we are in groups. It will clear up situations that brought us into wars, famine, poverty, to turn them way around. We already know who we are, light and limitations. And we try to understand which were our part in the trouble we organized in different situations in life. Now, we are to understand in groups what brought us in such a mess, to do it different. My orcus is in the 4th house in Libra. I was born in 17th april 1957, al 11, no minute available. My mother would not remember because of her Alzheimer. I had some troubles that I try to surmount with my 8th house with Lillith, Kyron, P. of F. and Pholus. Trying to resignify my 2nd House with Pluto, in Leo. New ways to understand the energy of Power which I wished to have but never did and my obsessions over matters of this not cute 8th house. Plain victim... There we go, very little by little.

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