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Posted By: Mickael on: 01/4/2010 22:45:45 ET
Subject: Eris the subtle

Message Detail:
I have a few random thoughts about Eris after briefly scanning this board.

Eris’ mythology tells us something as well as her science. For astrologers looking at the science, it cannot be only about the location, but also about her distant, elusive and elliptical orbit among other things. That science hints at the astrological meaning of Eris. Science can and will blend with her myth if we look at science as part of the puzzle to figuring out what this is all about for astrology.

As for the myth, our information about Eris comes to us more "second hand," because no other god can really bear her presence and we know her only by what she starts (even if we can’t always pinpoint how she started it.) The “distance” of Eris from the action and narrative gives us only a vague picture of who she is. She's like that unpopular girl in high school that no one wants to acknowledge or invite to their parties. We sometimes get inferred information about Eris by looking at the results of her interference, by looking at what she sets in motion, but direct knowledge about Eris herself is held at a respectable distance. This is similar to how we humans tend to ignore the personal knowledge we have with others when we are in conflict with them, knowledge that may diminish a conflict instead of increasing it. It’s also how humans often resort to social standing to keep others at bay.

We do see the consequences of what Eris sets in motion, but it is ultimately who WE are that turns a situation into either a peaceful resolution or a conflict between vanities. When I look at the mythology, Eris throws the golden apple into a wedding party and it is the party's guests that cause the ensuing madness. She has merely tweeked a surgically precise human frailty that sparks an avalanche of strife. She can do that to each of us as individuals by throwing her golden apple into our personal party, our social group, or community, or region, nation or global community.

Always on the outside looking in, Eris has learned exactly what our worse natures are. She is secretively resentful of her social position as a pariah. She knows through her observations from the outside-looking-in position that society itself has weaknesses that make society sometimes unappealing to belong. And Eris knows how to use those weaknesses for strife. Eris knows that the social institutions that have placed her on the edge of darkness can also be used in divine retribution against the individuals who partake of those social constructs. All she needs to do is put a small object with a innocuous phase into the mix. The rest is up to the individuals. Unless those individuals see the inner equalities of everyone involved through some social empathy, like honor or respect or shared goals, the conflict will draw out into long circular orbits that seem logical, but are tricks set in motion by our own misconceptions about others. If only the guests at the wedding had considered the feelings of others, none of what followed would have happened. They made fools of themselves. Eris is innocent from the choices others make. But she does provide a choice and our personal choice is what vents the karma of peacefulness or of strife.

If our personal logic is based in a faulty truth, Eris gets revenge at our own hand. But if the mutual core logic includes an ethical engagement of everyone, Eris gets her recognition as the catalyst of community. She can be a divider or uniter, but it’s who we are that make that determination. Eris allows us to act in our own natures and she tests who we are through our social interaction and choices.

In a sense Eris is still like the social pariah. She has lots of alone time to find ways to bring people together to their higher social good, or to bring them to their own worse selves. Either way Eris comes out a winner in her eyes. She has little else to go with. Her lack of social life makes her find delight in loftier ideals and intellectual argument that can quickly turn to selfish demands and fighting. Eris delights in both, bringing us a chance to excel, or a chance to reveal ourselves in a bad light. She leaves the choice up to us.

In other commentary about Eris. I suspect she is Virgo based, as the true twin of Gemini seems to channel through her. She’s impish and a loner for one thing. And her handling of a seemingly small detail with such skill seems Virgoan too. Especially a small detail like not seeing the forest for the trees. Which is exactly what people do when they choose conflict over resolution. Like at that wedding of old, it was all over such a small thing...snicker snicker... sounds like a Virgo sense of humor is at work.

Mickael L. Mann

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