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Posted By: Slayer of Cliffracers on: 11/17/2009 08:46:24 ET
Subject: Sedna's nature

Message Detail:
You are as much an Astrologer as I am Lee. Glad to see this forum isn't dead.
Sedna has a very deep connection to guilt, shame and immoral deeds. Like Eris it has a fundermentally social nature, but in a bad way (I will explain).

Eris to recall represents dominant 'master' ideologies, social beliefs, establishing of norms. What is Anti-Eris (opposed to Eris in a chart or a person with a weak Eris) represents simply what is anti-social, socially blinded, quirky or eccentric.

Sedna as I said is social in a bad way. It's house position in your chart is far more enlightening to me given what you said that it's square to Venus.

Consider that Sedna is not what is simply Anti-Eris but what is condemned by Eris (and thus an intrinsic part of Eris in a way not truly it's opposite). This normally includes torture, cruelty, adultary, scandals, poverty,oppression, murder. Sedna is the closest thing in Astrology to the planet *of* Evil.

It's what's really there really but wouldn't be put on a postcard.

At the same time Sedna is 'what must be' or 'what is' or 'what necceserily follows'. The positive side of Sedna is that what is influenced strongly by it, is not decieved by the 'postcard image' of anything, it can penetrate through a society or a persons projection of righteousness and sees the wickedness that is hidden by this projection.

At the same time having revealed them Sedna is able to justify such deeds as neccesery for the good end being pursued or the avoidance of a greater evil. This is rather dangerous but consider that the alternative is to change the social ideology (Eris) to sanction such deeds in general.

Any strong positive contact between Eris and Sedna is fraught with moral difficulties, the closeness of Eris and Sedna around the 1920 when they were in Aries (13 degrees apart at minimum) allowed the actual conjunction of Eris and Sedna in the charts of millions of adult people in 1936-1948 time.

This was expressed in World War 2 as the indiscriminate carpet bombing of cities and resulting massacre of innocent civilians, including by the novel use of nuclear weapons and with the genocide of millions added to the mix.

But yet none of the immorality of those things were entirely new, genocide and the slaughter of innocent civilians had existed for centuries but had never been so openly 'revealed' for a very long time nor done with such openness.

The 'positive' side of Eris/Sedna though is revealed by the eventual Erisian significant trial and condemnation of some of those responsable, symbolically in the Nuremburg trials creating the concept of 'crimes against humanity' including genocide, thus intergrating Eris and Sedna in a positive way.

Anti-Sedna creates a sense of child-like purity, carelessness and innocence. It makes it very difficult to treat anything that is done by the Anti-Sedna influenced person or planet with graveness even if it may be far more sinister in reality than it's apparant appearance suggests.

Sedna distills the evil from the good, Anti-Sedna distills the good from the evil.

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