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Posted By: IshtarCelt on: 10/15/2009 18:29:01 ET
Subject: RE: Orcus: some thoughts

Message Detail:

I just noticed today that I have a grand trine with Orcus (24 cancer), north node, and pallas /vesta. Also, there are (quite) a few t-squares and grand squares! So i did some research...

So I looked up Orcus, and not only was he a god of the underworld, and son of Eris (who I understand to be derived from or linked to Eriskigal, Mesopotamian Goddess of the underworld), but he is a god of oaths, who punishes perjurers and oath-breakers...His name comes from gk. HORKUS, which means Oath, or the object an oath is sworn on. Orcus is also the land of the dead, or the underworld.

SO it seems to me that he would affect people who give false oaths, or make false promises...which is why Richard Brown's clients didn't seem to show much effect during transits perhaps?
It seems that Orcus punishes those who break oaths, but there is also a context of giving false oaths, of knowingly swearing false promises, and it seems to me that this is a strong Orkus energy. People who seek spiritually, using astrology, divination, meditation etc are generally seeking truth, and wouldn't be the sort of people who could be so detachted from the power of their words as to give false oaths...
I wonder what the chart of a known liar and oathbreaker, of a conman would reveal?

In oath-giving, intent is all important, and a person for whom words are cheap, even if they escape in life, have to face Orkus, waiting on the other side, echoing the Egyptian Ma'at waiting in the Hall of the Dead to weigh your heart..
He is inevitable, you cannot escape the consequences of your actions, or shirk your promises!

Oaths bind society together - marriage vows, national allegience, vows to God/esses, family bonds, politicians 'swearing in', etc. They were even more important in past societies, feudal and tribal, where governing groups didn't have such an extensive legal and police apparatus.
In a spiritual sense, an Oath is your Word, that which makes you an adult, a human - you are nothing if you don't keep your word - 'a man is as good as his word'
or 'your word is your worth'

This is how I am understanding Orcus in my chart - the grand trine shows strong spiritual vows as a priestess (Pallas-Athena), a spiritual vocation I could never deny - it's easy for me to keep these oaths and live them in my daily life (Vesta). Also, I am not married (Pallas-Athena!), and I find it hard to be in an ordinary relationship - I am quite independant, and would prioritise my spirituality, my paganism, and I won't let anything interefere with that. But also, I take vows very seriously, and I wouldn't marry anyone unless I was absolutely SURE. finding Orcus has explained to me why I am very careful about the words I use, I often suffer in keeping my word too, and I am very hurt and shocked when people don't keep theirs...
. A grand Trine can show a strong tendancy, things will flow that way very easily, whereas the squares show work, that effort is required, but with tangible results.

All the T-squares and grand squares tied to the grand trine by Orcus, show me where there is effort, work and manifestation - and, to generalise, it's in all the cardinal signs, but in my tenth, 1st, 4th and 7th, squaring my moon, saturn (22Ca, conjunct Orcus), uranus, chiron, mars and Jupiter (!whew!), parallelaxing (?) my Sun (conjunct Juno).

House placement is interesting too, with Orcus in 10th - My spirituality has led me to do two degrees in archaeology and history - I can back up my word, and of course, I hate plagarism (which to me, is breaking your vows as a scholar, denying what you profess to be, making yourself a walking lie).

I get really angry with people who talk shit, especially in spiritual matters - I get very angry with people who are in it for the ego and worship, and don't seem to care about the people they ensnare, or hurt, or the words they bend or distort...I can see Orcus' influence here too!

So it seems to me that Orcus is not only concerned with Oaths, and administering retribution to oath-breakers (similar to how the Harpies vindicated Hubris), but he is fundamentally concerned with matters of integrity, both personal and socio-political.

A person's integrity is related to standing by their principles, keeping the values they have 'signed up' to eg a person who preaches a monogamous christian dogma to others, yet resorts to prostitutes behind his wifes (and followers) back, is a person of little integrity, and breaking the oaths of monotheistic christianity, and I am sure this tendency could be elucidated by Orcus' placement in a chart.
On the other hand, a peson wh never married, never agreed to be monogamous, who uses porn and jokes about it (ie Bill Hicks), is not breaking any vows, and does not lack integrity.

these are just some thoughts on Orcus, I could go on all night!

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