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Posted By: Lee on: 10/6/2009 00:38:09 ET
Subject: Sedna

Message Detail:
I will preface this post by stating that i do not consider myself to be an Astrologer but do use Astrology as a tool as i would use other tools to explore the Universe and my relationship to it .

In fact i don't remember how i got to this web-site specifically except that it was via a link from somewhere but i learned long ago that when one is seeking a greater awareness of self one pays attention to where one's guidance takes one . :-) In short , i do believe i ended up here for a reason .

I had no previous knowledge of Sedna's discovery or it's Astrological significance until i ran across this sites url . However , after reading the material provided and taking a look at it relevant to my Natal chart i do see correspondences .

At my birth Sedna (4th) was squaring my natal 7th house Venus . I was born in 1944 and "out of wed-lock never knowing my biological father except by name .My mother was raised in a very patriarchal type of environment and there was a great deal of guilt associated with my birth.

In fact i was a child born not out of love and desired but as an "accident" so to speak though my mother did come to love me as mothers are want to do .

I struggled with this awareness ( gained psychically initially but later verified ) for many years and it has only been relatively late in life that i have been able to come to terms with this knowledge .

I also noticed that Sedna at present is in my 5th house by transit and forming a sextile to the same natal Venus . All of which i suppose might lend some credence to the symbolism of the body in terms of it's astrological influence in a more positive light .

Hopefully my particular example will be helpful for those studying the energies of this particular astronomical body .

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