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Posted By: Amable on: 07/14/2009 14:11:17 ET
Subject: Fractal structures at the edge of chaos

Message Detail:
When an archetype emerges in the collective conscious, a fractal structure is created because there is a fase transition between the collective unconscious and the collective conscious.

Self-similarity is a property of fractal structures, that means that the global structure is the same at diferent scales. For example, studing the solar system and their planets is the same as studing the brain (what's up, so below).

When a new archetype emerges in the collective conscious, its quality is present from the personal life of a single individual to groups or collective events. As I wrote in the previous message, studing a group of astronomers at a given moment is the same as studing global human activity.

Note: self-similarity is also applied to time dimention in astrology. For example, progressions (a day as a year).

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