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Posted By: Amable on: 05/1/2009 10:30:33 ET
Subject: Diferences between Pluto and Rhadamanthus

Message Detail:
In mythology, Rhadamanthus was a judge of the underworld. Like Pluto and Orcus, it was originally classified as a plutino (Kuiper belt objet with 2:3 resonance with Neptune), but no longer is. Rhadamanthus was discovered in the year 1999 and named in 2003. It has a small diameter (about 200 km). By the time of its discovery appeared the first blogs in the web and googles "PageRank" technology.

There are some diferences between Pluto and Rahadamnthus. Pluto gets in touch with the core of our highest self and destrois every thing that does not fit with its essential nature, while rhadamanthus tries to obtain the deep truth of oneself and reinforce it in the external personality (like in the movie "Phone booth (2003)").

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