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Posted By: Slayer of Cliffracers on: 04/13/2009 15:05:31 ET
Subject: There are two many Transneptunians though!

Message Detail:
It is as I said, why are you presupposing a hidden occult meaning based upon what exactly? There are two many TNOS for them all to have similar meanings and no reason they would. There are dozens of them, they must have divergant meanings or it will all break down.

Based upon what you are writing, it would appear that you typify Orcus very strongly. Varuna too.

What you are quoting about Sun and Moon is quite traditional, but I have never seen evidence of it at work before. This is mostly because I do not know HOW exactly it is supposed to work.

I have Asbergers Syndrome or 'Neurodiversity' as you would put it too. I have Sun, Jupiter and Sedna conjunct together in Tauros. This group is opposed by both Pluto and Quaor. Orcus in Leo sits in the 10th House and squares the Sun/Jupiter/Sedna group.

I am also quite pleased to hear that fighting against human rights abuses is a crucial part of your life, because you are an enemy of Sedna by nature since you are opposed to it. You are an un-Sedna person.

Sedna seems to be a tough nut to crack, but I am zeroing in on the the idea that Sedna has something to do with the forces of repression, not in the Saturnine sense but precisely in the sense that repression liberates people from moral and other boundries.

The power has the ability to abuse the different and the different in turn can skive the social regulations, recieving freedom from rules in return for accepting the official line of deviance.

That is why I asked whether you worked in Amnesty International but what you are doing is far more Anti-Sedna, normalising mental health difference and advocating that the different be treated as the normal.

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