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Posted By: Justyna on: 04/13/2009 13:20:14 ET
Subject: RE: Diferences between Pluto and Orcus

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I'm looking at orcus as this is the only planet in my 5th house, the house of children. My younger son died on 1/1/09 at the age of nineteen from a heart attack to to a heart defect which never manifested itself before his death. His heart was studied in 3 different places in the country, and after months of waiting, i was told that this heart condition causes death to a child before age 2 and that nobody has ever seen a anybody surviving until the age of 19. At his wake, I was overwelmed by the number of his friends (100s) that came and stayed for the entire 2 hours of the first session and the 2 hours of the second session. These kids cut their hair for the wake and were all mourning for him as if he were their brother. During those days I had a strange feeling that my son's death was in a strange torturous gift and that it is important for me to use his death for improving myself and my life. After reading the text above, I'm shaken up. I strongly believe in astology and have been fascinated by it for years. I would love to know what does this all mean... perhaps somebody can help me interpret the orcus in my 5th house and it's aspects?
orcus in cancer in 5th house
square to mars and eris
triane to psyche, ceres and true node

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