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Posted By: Raymond Andrewsa on: 04/13/2009 09:13:56 ET
Subject: RE: Lots of things are beyond Neptune though

Message Detail:

I disagree. I believe that it does fit..especially with it being transneptunians. I take the orbit into account in regard to its influence. I believe that's highly relevant. I also believe that the mythology is too. Therefore,I disagree with what you told Luis. BTW..I haven't seen my stepfather since 1990. I do look at other things like its perihelion and north node like Philip Sedgwick does with the aphelion and south node.....even with sabian symbols.

I think the Sun has to do with the father in my case. It may not in your case. It definitely does in my mom's and her siblings,and other people's charts that I have looked at. I guess we will have to agree to disagree. I am very sure that Moon has to do with the mother.
I believe the Sun has to do with the ego,self expression,and vitality as well as the archetypal male.

I have no history connected to Amnesty International nor anything else like that. I was in the US Navy for 7 years,and so related to the sea. I also think that Sedna could also fit with special needs like special education needs/neurodivergence. Like I said before,my father was a neurodivergent with his having Dyslexic,Dyspraxic,ADHD traits just like me. My mother had them to a weaker extent. I was in special education for 3 years in early elmentary school years,

I can relate to a lot of that Indigo,Crystal stuff, and so I disagree with it being a generational thing. Both my parents fit that stuff. My mother fit more with the Indigo while my father and I fit more of an Indigo,Crystal combo. I come from a family of neurodivergents on my mom's side. I think it's an ADHD family. hahahahaha

I have decided that I want to start a nonprofit neurodiversity organization to help my fellow neurodivergents. I was also told that I was meant to work with the Indigo,Crystal children. My history of psychiatric misdiagnoses and the misdiagnoses of led me to want to help prevent others from being misdiagnosed. I care a lot about mental health human rights abuses. I was a member of MindFreedom International which is an organization for mental health human rights. I was only a member for a year. I am going to use the interfaith unity church that I go to as a stepping stone. I am going to become a member on May 17th,and I am very excited about that. My beliefs fit with New Age,Neopaganism,Unitarian Universalism,and New Thought.
I already opened up a tribe on tribenet called Astrology of Neurodivergence. I am also preparing for a career as a holistic practitioner,and I want to specialize in working with neurodivergent people.

my Sun trine Moon in Pisces in 6th with 2'10 orb (1'22 in Right Ascension

my Moon aspects quite a few kuiper belt objects too
trine Quaoar - '50
parallel Quaoar - '49
trine Ixion - 2'15
square Varuna - '10
sextile Sedna - 1'05 ('39 in Right Ascension)
semisquare Eris - '08 in Right Ascension

as for parallels. They are nothing new A lot of astrologers use declinations. Cosmobiologists and Magi Astrologers do.....even with midpoints. Both declinations and Right Ascension are the coordinates that astronomers use to locate objects in space. I have been using declinations since 2000.

I am thinking of using a system that uses the full equatorial coordinate system (longitude,latitude) and full ecliptic coordinate

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