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Posted By: Slayer of Cliffracers on: 04/13/2009 06:55:33 ET
Subject: Lots of things are beyond Neptune though

Message Detail:
I see Quaor in the way that you use paralells. I haven't seen anyone else use paralells before and Quaor is the planet of the ability to create new systems from scratch rather than merely tinker with old systems.

The trouble is there are many planets beyond Neptune. I would not arive at a conclusion of hidden mysterious based upon that, since there are plenty of them and you will end up with a chart that has mystery/secrecy and little else.

If there is a Sun relationship with the Father, then it will be your Step-Father not your real Father, simply because does not Orcus fit very well your relationship with your step-father.

Because Orcus as we have hopefully established has something to do with refusing to accept revealed authority and Orcus sounds like it reflects well that relationship.

However I do not really accept the Sun/Father relationship because it makes no horoscopic sense in my sense. Because my siblings do not have similar relationships to their Sun among other things.

Most likely it just reflects directly upon the person's character. I certainly use relationship to the Sun as the ultimate standard for strength/weakeness in a persons character.

I am intrigued as to what your Sedna opposition could mean. Do you have a history connected to say Amnesty International and such. Because I am increasingly coming to consider Sedna as having some connection to 'human rights abuses'.

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