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Posted By: Raymond AndrewsA on: 04/12/2009 19:06:15 ET
Subject: RE: Orcus as Independance of Thought

Message Detail:

" Orcus is highly sceptical of revealed wisdom, it does not accept things on authority but instead must test everything before accepting it."

Yeah........I see that in me big time.
...especially when it comes to organized religion

as for the father stuff, well......they say that aspects involving the Sun indicates how the father was or the experiences with the father. I would think that an object that orbit beyonds Neptune would be an indicator that there is hidden,mysterious about the father
I have a quite a few kuiper belt objects in hard aspect to my Sun

my father was a neurodivergent like me. Actually both my parents neurodivergent. My father was more of a neurodivergent than my mother.

My Sun
conjunct Ixion (plutino)- '05
conjunct Quaoar (cubewano) - 2'58 (1'46 in Right Ascension)
oppose Sedna - 3'14 ('44 in Right Ascension)
quincunx Varuna - '05 in Right Ascension
contraparallel Pluto - '45
parallel Orcus (plutino)- '01

btw...Right Ascension is the equatorial longitude coordinates that astronomers use

my Sun is also conjunct true Black Moon Lilith with 21 minutes of arc. I read a Clairvision intepretation of that can be an indicator of the father being absent (literally or figuratively) as well as fighting against him. I never knew my father,and I fought against my stepfather who was very controlling and strict. I do have Sun quincunx retrograde Saturn with 13 minutes of arc which also indicates my own reserved,serious nature.

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