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Posted By: Slayer of Cliffracers on: 04/12/2009 18:10:38 ET
Subject: Orcus as Independance of Thought

Message Detail:
You are some note because you have such an intimate relationship. I picked it up from the internet that one of the few things they were able to determine about Orcus is that it is not strong in the clients of Astrologers.

However more is involved in the client/Astrologer relationship than merely an interest or belief in Astrologer. Because it also involves a willingness to accept 'superior wisdom'.

Orcus is the only planet in my 10th House while you have Sun and Orcus closely connected to your Sun which in both instances suggests that Orcus has a key role in both our lives, but that you are in character more closer to Orcus's true nature.

Orcus could be about anything, it need not be about the hidden or occult. Or worse of all it could genuinely do nothing at all.

What Orcus represents is I believe probably something related to teacher/student relationships. Orcus represents the pupil that teaches the teacher, the young man that is wiser than his elders. Orcus is highly sceptical of revealed wisdom, it does not accept things on authority but instead must test everything before accepting it.

As for your Father, I would doubt that Astrology would recognise your Father precisely because your Father was out of your life so soon.

Martin Luther has Orcus sitting right on his 12th House orb. The 12th House usually shows the most unnaturally exaggerated public traits of a person. The planet sitting on the orb, seems to string together subserviant roles to make almost a sort of sentance. For instance Che Guevara has Uranus on the orb and Mars in the house. So we get the Rebel, (Uranus) Soldier (Mars).

Applying the same principle to Martin Luther, we can how my idea works in practice. Ceres represents Leadership, therefore Martin Luther's Ceres strings together to make Martin Luther an Orcus leader.

This is the public face of Martin Luther, Martin Luther the lowly monk tries to teach his teachers and becomes a leader of those who demand the freedom to read the 'textbooks' themselves and make up their own minds.

Orcus is in Cancer, so we see a backwards looking nature to Martin Luthers revolutionary religion, the desire to go back to the textbook predominates, he is hostile to innovation and reason.

Orcus squares Eris in Aries, so Luther connects to the individualistic dominant ideology (Eris in Aries) of the time.

Orcus is in Quincrux to 7th house Sedna, suggesting a struggle with political Sedna, Sedna I half-suspect governs torture and abuse of power in prisons, the sense that prisons are lawless places that 'liberate' the jailers to abuse and hurt the prisoners.

So we see the obstacles in the path of Martin Luther's Orcus.

Finally we see a Trine to Haumea and Sun conjunction. This suggests that Martin Luther will not personally be threatened by his Orcus and also that he will not divide but instead unite (interesting).

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