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Posted By: Luther on: 01/28/2009 08:32:48 ET
Subject: RE: Gay and Queer Astrology

Message Detail:
Hie friends, I am looking for new astrological bodies and asteroids as they are related to Gay and Queer Astrology. I am not pretending to say that there is a specific constellation of planets in gay people, but there could be certainly a pattern of new bodies and gay psychology. I am a clinical psychologist and also a gay person. I will really apreciate your help and guidance. I am living in spain. I am a jungian psychologist so as an astrologer.

Yours, Antonio

Also reply to my e-mail address:

Hi Antonio. The new dwarf planet Eris might prove interesting for you in gay psychology. It is too early to tell what Eris is about but she has appeared in certain charts of famous gay people I looked at, particularly by transit. But I imagine she figures into the charts of many exceptional people regardless of sexual orientation.

Two gay women friends of mine both have Sun in Aries conjunct Eris. They have never met each other. Both have studied martial arts, both work in human service fields. Eris seems to amplify the signs she passes through.Astrologers quickly noted her entry to Gemini just as the telescope was invented in early 1600s, and her entry to other signs during discoveries of new planets. We probably wont know too much about Eris until she enters Taurus decades from now and the "background energy" quiets down. Astrologers look through her lens now and simply amplify the Aries energy. Eris in Aries is great for discovery, but not so great for the astrological "discovery" of Eris, at least in my view.

Getting a little off topic here,I'm wondering if you have seen the new movie "Pretendiendo"? ("Ugly Me" en ingles) You might find this movie might come pretty close to the Eris in Aries archetype. Barbara Mori as the Erisian trickster Amanda and "Helena". Marcelo Mazzarello as Marcelo, the Aries man who sees women as "conquests" to be won. Mori as "Helena" captures his interest, leads him on, and then slays his ego in a scene right from the "Bacchae" of Euripedes. Marcelo is then transformed through Amanda into a human being that she can love. It is a wonderful movie and is NOT to be confused with a new and dreadful Hollywood movie called "The Hottie and the Nottie".

Best of luck!

I am a gay/bisexual astrologer with a tight Eris conjunction to my ascendant. Also forms a grand trine with my natal Sun LEO, Moon SAG, and Uranus SAG. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to ask me any questions. Maybe you can help me understand the Eris influence in my chart.

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