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Posted By: x on: 12/19/2008 21:36:02 ET
Subject: RE: Haumea rising

Message Detail:
Hi, I was born with Haumea 10 arc-minutes below my ascendant. I think you're on to something about peace and harmony because people tell me I'm the most calm and relaxed person they know. My moon and sun positions support this attitude but now that Haumea is here, the archetypes representing my brains are richer, and perhaps more useful.
Haumea and Makemake both seem similar to Neptune as they are from a culture surrounded by a vast ocean- unity would be a big part of both of their natures. Lately I have been rather obsessed with the ocean, and the way these 2 planets have been popping up in charts makes me think they're calling me over the horizon

Hi cv, Interesting both you and Luis have suggested a Makemake/Haumea connection due to the similar mythologies. They are also about the same size, as Quaoar and Orcus are about the same size. Makemake seems kind of yang in its descriptions and Haumea seems yin, so you both may be right about the pairing.

my Haumea is about 6 degrees above the ascendant. I too have been called calm and relaxed, but then my Sun and Venus are in Libra. Haumea is conjunct my natal Mars in Virgo but I feel no overwhelming urges to kick or pet the neighbors cats and dogs so i reckon Haumea isn't just about War and Peace. Interesting you comparing her to Neptune. I found her transits to my natal Ascendant, Pluto, Uranus and Vesta at 0 dgree Libra to be very telling personally (Not very yanged out times were those)

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