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Posted By: Slayer of Cliffracers on: 11/14/2008 18:56:11 ET
Subject: Sedna as the dustbin of history?

Message Detail:
The essential problem here is that while Sedna's actual influence is clearly strong, it's nature is rather vague and disputed.

Now I've noticed that Sedna imparts very strong personal beliefs, which tend to absorb a large number of different elements without regarding established categories of compatability nor established ideas.

The best way of putting it is that Sedna makes heretics, people who regard with contempt established Orthodoxy, to reveal the contradictions, the shadows that are there but which Orthodoxy tried to hide from.

Sedna thus tends to encourage somewhat Arrogant people, because they need to be a person that utterly disregards what others tell them, to follow their own eccentic path almost altruisticly, since they gain nothing and stand to lose everything.

That Fascism appeared on a global scale when Sedna and Eris came into contact in the charts of millions and were both actually in Aries, is notable because what *is* Fascist ideology but the very rejection of all the ideological trends of modern society, merged with the latest ideas of modern society?

We see the religiously based medieval Jew-Hatred marching hand in hand with Occultist ideas of the 'Aryan Race' and the modern Social-Darwinist ideas. In this bubbling couldren of contradiction you find Hitler.

Fascism represents the very elevation of the ideas of Sedna to the Erisian throne, what the 'progress' of Eris had previously elevated is torn down, liberty, equality, tolerance, democracy you name it. But yet there is a merging, an assimilation of some of those 'progressive' ideas, in the service of just the cause of the destruction of societies core ideals. For the cause of medieval Jew-Hatred, the latest Biological ideas are enlisted.

Because Sedna is truly the dustbin of Eris, it's sworn and eternal enemy.

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