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Posted By: Segurelha on: 11/13/2008 03:02:57 ET
Subject: RE: Haumea possible meanings!

Message Detail:
I have been studying Haumae, Makemake and other new planets in both mundane astrology and natal charts.
I am still not sure, but Haumea definitively has a SUBTLE and "POSITIVE" influence. It seems people with Haumae aspected to important points of the map such as sun or moon, seem to have GOOD natures and also some slighty peculiar energy.
I also saw Haumae associated with DEVOTIONAL energies, some ECSTATIC cosmic nature, a bit artistic, PEACEFUL, related to NATURE or cosmos in some way. While for me Makemake also has a similar feminine-like energy, but a bit more earthy/practical or fiery/challenging and less airy or watery.

Haumea in mundane astrology makes very long cycles with the outer planets, such as Pluto, but of very significant importance. For example the last time that these two were conjunct was in 1954, just after the second world war, and before that the former cycle started around 15BC. See the point?
For me it also seems new begginings, a rebirth in a brighter and more cosmic way than Pluto.
Surely Christ, world war II and nuclear bombs, roswell aliens and invention of computers or dna, seems to fit the events around this conjunction!
But I might be too my pure speculation.
Any in 3500s there will be the next Pluto-Haumae aspect.

But I would say in a natal chart only Eris seems to have similar strenght to Pluto. Sedna and Haumea a bit less, and Quaoar or Ixion seem to have even more weaker influences, but which can nevertheless be insightful.

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