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Posted By: Slayer of Cliffracers on: 10/24/2008 17:08:57 ET
Subject: And I refuse the offer!

Message Detail:
Firstly I refuse the offer. I do not EVER simply agree to disagree, because I find that is slippery, disingeneous and generally symbolises everything in life that I hate the most. To comprimise with error is to betray the Truth. To leave an error unrefuted is to commit an Intellectual immorality (equivilant Karl Marx quote).

But fortunately you and I don't really disagree much. It's just that you are focusing overly narrowly on particular facets of Eris.

'Eris causes men to consider their ideas are right and others wrong' is a rather accurate statement of my own position on Eris and I find it inspiring that you have arrived at similar conclusions.

Remember that Eris is saturated at the moment with the energies of Aries. Aries is the enemy of Libra, the balancer, the uniter of opposites, the binder of men. The single path.

Aries is that which smashes the scales and sets humanity free of the chains of balance and unity to face a future of solitude, lawlessness and division. The many paths.

Eris is the dominant societal ideology, the ideas that are enshrined in unwritten social law. Eris is the ultimate ruler, the ultimate decider of what wins and what loses out politically and socially.

Sedna is what defies Eris, the enemy that spits upon the dominant values of civilisation, the symbolic heretic that is burned on the pyre for offending against society's ideas.

Uranus represents rebellion, Sedna and Eris represent the ideas for which rebellions are faught.

I am particularly interested in knowing where in your chart Eris is.

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