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Posted By: Raymond N. Andrews on: 10/24/2008 14:22:27 ET
Subject: You have your views,and I have mine

Message Detail:

You have your views,and I have mine.

I am not going to be doing the negative Eris thing with you(My views are right and yours are wrong)

so lets agree to disagree

I believe that Eris has do with diversity,ideology

like Eris' discoverer, Michael Brown said about mythological Eris, Eris started wars by making men think that their opinions are right and others are wrong. He thought the name fit perfectly for the kuiper belt object dwarf planet, Eris. He probably gave the clue to Eris' meaning in Astrology.

The problem is that there is a lot of diversity in opinion,but there is also a lot of intolerance of diversity of opinion. This is ideological.

I believe that where Eris is placed in the chart can show where one experiences diversity as well as is tolerance or intolerance of diversity as well as how one is influenced by ideology.

I have done many research posts about Eris ....many focused on ideology,civil rights matters,racism.........this was from sociological astrology

....Steven Forrest is right
We have a Tower of Babel Syndrome in Astrology. There is so much diversity in Astrology, but there is a lot of intolerance and bickering when it comes to astrological methods and systems. even skeptics make this point about astrologers: they disagree with a lot of things in astrology. Orbs are hotly debated especially. Whether to use things like fixed stars,asteroids,midpoints are often debated by astrologers. Many conventional astrologers have slammed many unconventional astrologers...sometimes, I think that it's a Saturn oppose Uranus thing in Astrology.

Is it any wonder, Astrology is often ridiculed by the mainstream as nonsense

it's obviously not just the astronomers that argue with each other. It's the astrologers too.

so maybe Eris should be a co-ruler of Astrology along with Uranus because of the diversity,discord that is among astrologers as well as ideological views that tend to influence the way astrologers do things.
There is a judgmental attitude that many astrologers tend to have.

There was a finding that Jupiter tends to be strongly placed in Astrologers's charts when it comes to Gauquelin sector. Astrologers disagreed with that,and got all judgmental, illustrating the point that Jupiter is strong in them. Philip Sedgwick brought that point up.

but I believe that's Eris more than anything...when it comes to ideology,discord

I think compromise and agreeing to disagree is one of the positive manifestations of Eris

After all, everybody doesn't agree on everything. All people have different views about things. That's why we have numerous religions on this earth. Look how many wars started because of different religious views or overall ideological views. That's what often leads to racism,bigotry which often leads to civil/equal rights issues which often require advocacy. Civil/equal rights leaders and advocates have often been viewed as controversial. People who have diverse opinions about things have been seen as controversial. Just being a mere advocate about diversity in certain things can be seen as controversial. All those are things are connected.

That's why I believe Eris rules controversy,diversity,racism,bigotry,civil rights matters,and advocacy.

It was Eris' discovery that led to Ceres and Pluto being now equals in astronomy even though they are not equals in astrology.

another thing...if you look at the astronomy

Eris' Perihelion is almost exactly conjunct Jupiter's Aphelion and Uranus' North Node trines that within 1 degree.

The orbits of Eris,Jupiter,and Uranus are connected.

I do believe that Eris could be major octave of Jupiter. I also believe that maybe astrologers assigned some things to Jupiter and Uranus that really belong to Eris or that should be shared with Eris.

These are just views of mine. I am not going to say that I am right and others are wrong. If you disagree with me, I am not going to tell you that you are wrong. I am just going to agree to disagree with you because I recognize that we are going to have different views like everybody on our planet does. I believe in tolerating diversity of views. To me, that's Eris in the positive aspect.

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