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Posted By: x on: 09/30/2008 02:53:14 ET
Subject: RE: Haumea

Message Detail:
Being about childbirth i wonder if Haumea might have something to do with feminine mysteries or mysteries in general.

When first discovered she was a cigar-shaped blob of light and was called "Santa". "Santa" was supposedly NASA code for "UFO" way back in the Apollo program.

I wondered about her stoniness, but Saturn, the traditional ruler of Capricorn, is light enough to float on water, if you had enough water to float it on. Haumea revolves in only .16 days, which is even faster than Eris which revolves in .3 days.

I would love to explore further this planet of childbirth but here i have to make an embarrassing admission. i was born with a genetic condition where one of my chromosomes is badly damaged. In fact, a quarter of this one chromosome is missing. Instead of looking like this (X) it is a mishapen, stunted thing that looks like this (y). It means i have no womb and cannot bring life forth into the world nor nurture it with food from my own being. i suppose i am doomed to look for completion "out there" or through others, many of whom happen to be chromosomally whole (XX), and this incompleteness makes me hesitate to add anything further to this discussion, reckon there must be a lot i'm simply not genetically equipt to suss out just yet ;-)) But i do enjoy reading the other good insights on the board here.

Ah well, )0+ Rx madness

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