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Posted By: Slayer of Cliffracers on: 09/26/2008 06:27:25 ET
Subject: RE: Sedna as both the rejector and the rejected

Message Detail:
1. Where you go wrong there is focuses on the nature of Aquarians, rather than basing your positions on observing the actual location of Uranus.

2. Well unless you have a better time, this is the time we much use. Based upon appearance and I have a whole collection of Libra images, Ghandhi does have Libra somewhere in his chart because he has the Libra forehead.

3. I don't think you grasp what I was saying. What I said is the above force ALLIED with Fascism against Commmunism, they were not it's core supporters. Now much of what I write about Spain comes from a Spanish Civil War Book, written by a Communist not a Conservative. I know what I am talking about Luis.

In Spain, it was the Fascists that allied with the other Far-Right forces, not the other way around and were marginalised as a result. It is better historically to see Spain as a non-Fascist Authoritarian country supported by Fascists against Communism, than to see it as a Fascist country.

The error you make is not seeing Fascism as a world-wide movement with spin-offs in almost every country, but seeing it as simply the various traditional Right-Wing Authoritarian forces who while supporting Fascism, were not the core Fascist movement.

3. No the same cannot be said of Hitler Luis, because Sedna is in a far better position visa vi Sun and Ascendant.

4. I find your slavish disregard for actual reality in the favour of irelavant myths to be sickening. That is honesty how I feel. Sheer and naked irrationality is not really easy to respect.

5. The reason I deny what you say, is that I have found no basis for your claim that Sedna and sacrifice have any connection.

Sedna people, you are right tend not to accept the established categories, to conform their ideas to the social order (Eris). However, Sedna people aren't particularly tolerant either, because the other side of the Sedna coin is the Rejector.

Sedna has a definate link to Uranus, however Sedna is different from Uranus. Because Uranus is rather ideologically shallow, it is self-glorifying and proud fundermentally. It glorifies the self and it's ambitions at the expense of order itself and other people. Getting your own way is the essence of Uranus.

Sedna on the other hand is deep and rather quiet. It doesn't really care whether the individual is actually able to rebel, to assert themselves socially. Because it disregards the social, it doesn't care if the person is really able to get their own way or not.

What Sedna values is simply the ability to freely reject what you are told to expect, to disregard all impediments to Truth, to reveal what is hidden and which society itself does not wish to see about itself.

However you still aren't grasping quite what I am saying. Sedna is the principle of REJECTION ITSELF! There is nothing bad or evil about this, because Sedna by excluding can create a better or a worse world depending on whom and what is rejected

Healing rejection, is actually more of the realm of those who are Anti-Sedna (like Ghandhi) than those who are Sedna. Sedna cannot escape it's own rationale, the Sedna person revels in the ability to be free to reject what is accepted, but they cannot rise above rejection. Of course you undestand that this is all dependant upon the rest of the chart, I am reffering to Sedna itself.


Oh how I truly hate Mythology here! Uranus is the controversial social actor, always has been in Astrology (not in mythology) because that is what Uranus actually does.

Eris represents fundermentally the influence of society itself. The dominant social ideas. At present the dominant social ideas are individual rights and chaotic freedom. Very Aries. Try challenging those ideas openly and you won't get very far. Before the dominant ideas were those of National Unity and Unity of Category, Class, Gender, Race etc. Very Pisces. Before that the dominant ideas were those of genius and the man of intellect/reason. Very Aquarius.

Eris may represent the rebel, or the authority. It all depends upon which side embodies the 'social trend'. And the side that is on the side of Eris, normally wins.

Think of Eris as the essentially 'cool' planet, the planet that governs what is 'In' and what is 'Out', in Politics and elsewhere.

Sedna is the essentially 'uncool' planet, the planet that governs whatever defies Eris, what Eris rejects, what it defines itself against. The rejects, the scapegoats, the marginal.

Sedna is the conformist, it conforms with the trends. Sedna despises the trends, but yet serves as an enemy against which the trends are mantained.

7. But yet you contradict yourself here. The Fascists and the Communists do represent precisely that, the radical change of the social order and the forces fighting to defend it. Repression and the Repressed, the very polarity of Sedna itself. Emerging into the Social Trend (Eris), therefore the Social Order is capable of 'Self-Destructing', that is to say Eris now embraces ideas that are it's own destruction.

Sedna doesn't ever really conjunct Eris to my knowing. This is because that would be a contradictary thing, Eris and Sedna cannot ever truly meet, because they reperesent truly opposite principles. What is accepted VS what is rejected. The rejected can never be truly accepted, for that would be a contradiction. This contradiction would essentially dissolve both Eris and Sedna.

8. Sedna is a planet. Planets are neither male nor female. Sedna has nothing particularly to do with Feminism, Eris does. Indeed Sedna actually normally has to do with the rejected, the oppressed Woman. Not the liberated woman.

It is the conjunction of Eris/Sedna and the near conjunction in fact that is at work here. Because Eris/Sedna is a rare opportunity both for the excluded to become included AND for the excluded to become even more excluded.

That clash was represented on a world-wide scale by Liberalism/Socialism VS Fascism. The former fortunately won.

10. I think you are too politically biased in your thinking to see that repression of particular ideas and people is an essential legacy of that time, because it is the ascendancy of particular ideas also.

Now many of the ideas I am talking about are things like Racism, Homophobia, Sexism and so on. Not ideas you would consider worthy. It is just that one has to be Objective here and judge everything with the same brush, whether or not you happen to agree with them.

11. I am not a Conservative, for from it. I am actually a Communist!

Now regardless of whether Abortion is Right or Wrong, it certainly involves exclusion, exclusion justified according to the rationale of Aries Eris, individual freedom/rights. Now if you are a Pro-Choicer then you consider this justified, if you are Pro-Lifer then you consider this wrong.

Society need exclusion to protect the rights and interests of it's members by restricting membership. If we started giving human rights to Ants, so killing an Ant was the same as killing a human, then we can see why the exclusion (Sedna) of Ants from Society (Eris) is a good thing.

However, 1967 does correspond with Abortion legislation in the UK. The time we are talking about is indeed the great Abortion wave in the world, in the countries where Feminism made serious gains. Take a look at the rationale of Abortion and you will see why this was.

Now materially speaking, all Fetuses are as human as you are I, although less developed. The devaluation of undeveloped and passive matter, which has a Tauros nature and the value placed upon seperation and personal autonomy which has an Aries nature, seems to be key to Abortion justification/legislation.

Nowever to analyse abortion legislation, viability seems to be critical to their definitions. This reflects well the Aries focus on freedom, autonomy and liberty as the definiter of Societal Membership (Eris). This rejects (Sedna) of the undeveloped and passive matter (Tauros) that the Fetus represents.

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