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Posted By: X on: 09/25/2008 23:48:04 ET
Subject: Haumea

Message Detail:
Interesting name. the Hawaiian islands themselves are children of the Earth, born from her womb. Volcanism is the Earth's turning itself inside out, what is within is lain across the surface, and what is on the surface is burried beneath the lava, ash and mud.

just some quick thoughts from highschool earth science class...

the Hawaiian islands sit near the center of the "circle of fire", the ring of volcanic hotspots which surround the Pacific tectonic plate. most of the world's volcanism happens in this ring. eskimoes, west coast native americans, polynesians, japanese and many other groups live on the perimeter of this circle.

i wonder about the chart of Hawaii's last native ruler, Queen Lili'uokalani b. Sep 2, 1838 (Her full name meaning something like "The hurting tearful eyes of the royal ones") Her Sun at 10 Virgo would oppose her Haumea in early Pisces. She married Sep 16, 1862 and inherited the throne from her brother on Jan 29, 1891. She died on Nov 11, 1917. Her wedding day stands out because of the close aspects transiting Haumea at 23Aries30 was making to her natal Mars at 23 Cancer and natal Saturn at 23 Scorpio. She died with Haumea near her natal Mars in Cancer.

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