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Posted By: Slayer of Cliffracers on: 09/24/2008 12:04:58 ET
Subject: Sedna as both the rejector and the rejected

Message Detail:
Well Uranus's assosition with rebellion is cast-iron, because of it's clear affiliation with the MH of various rebel figures. Uranus however does not create revolutionaries as such, in the abscence of the right ideas, but it does create assertive people. People who won't compromise on their ideas.

The established time for Ghandhi is Libra. If you can come up with a better time, then fine, but don't question what you cannot better. I don't know about Ghandhis appearance, but he looks like a Libra to me. His forehead and face are Libra. Ghandhi resembles Himmler, another Libra.

Don't right off our agreeing too much. You don't quite grasp what I am saying. Islamism, Monarchism, Nationalism, your average vanilla militery dictatorship are all related to Fascism, but they are not Fascism because they are 'impure'. But Fascism was an International movement at the time of Hitler, all over the world there were movements that were inspired by Mussolini and were Fascist.

For instance, in Spain, the Nationalist forces were not mostly Fascist. Only a section of them, the Falange, were Fascists. The others were Theocrats, Monarchists and the rest. Indeed the Falange had to be basically sidelined by Franco, in favour of the others, because they were not Right-Wing enough. Their leader was murdered by Franco and the movement was usurped.

The reason for the decline in Imperialism, is because the population have stopped supporting it. The people resisted Imperialism and consequently Imperialism in it's open form is nearly dead.

Ghandhi did not do the opposite of Sedna. Well I'm afraid that Ghandhi is the Anti-Sedna, he is useful to understand what Sedna *is not*. You can't simply dismiss evidence because it doesn't fit in with your initial mythological theory. You can use mythology if it is inspiring, but don't doctor the evidence to fit your initial myth.

And don't talk about Holism, corrupting a philosphical theory, in order to justify doctoring evidence to fit with an apparantly random name doesn't impress me but makes me sick.

According to the data which we have to work with unless you can find better data that is more accurate than that which we have to work with, Ghandhi is an Anti-Sedna person. If it doesn't fit your mythology books, then tough.

Sedna isn't about sacrifice. That is Saturn Luis. What Sedna is about is those who society (Eris) has rejected and also the principle of rejection itself. Those who are abused often grow up to become the abusers.

Now like anything in Astrology, Sedna has a polarity, a moral duality within it. Sedna does indeed empower people to embrace what is rejected by Society (Eris). However, the dark side of this, is that they can become bitter and closeminded beings, who define themselves by rejection, who pride themselves on their ability to reject, to cast out. That they can reject the accepted trend is liked precisely because of the amount of REJECTING it allows one to do.

I do not say that Eris/Sedna is a purely bad thing. You see, it is only when Eris conjuncts Sedna that it is possible for the social order to truly self-destruct, for society to come face to face with it's own evil, it's own injustice, it's own crimes. But the price is that it loses it's ability to purge itself of those very things.

Because Sedna is the agent of social repression. That is what it does, it is the sanction of society against those who defy it's values. It brings, 'humility' to Society, because it allows society to question itself.

Because normally Sedna prevents questioning of the social ideas, however Senda/Eris intergrates questioning of the social ideas, into society itself. However it necceserily creates 'Extremism', because it is only the Far-Right and the Far-Left that fit the bill. Because what loses out is conservatism, the preservation of the Status Quo.

The position of women in modern society, is indeed unmatched in all human history. Now if Sedna represents the excluded and women are traditionally excluded, then Eris/Sedna could indeed be responsable for the rapid growth of Feminism. It does indeed make sense. other 'excluded groups' have also managed to rise up.

Eris/Sedna in the same sign and conjunct in the Charts of millions of living people, is an event that doesn't happen very often. It is an extremely rare event. Ancient systems of exclusion crumbled during the latter period, but also attempts were made to create a terrifyingly repressive regime (Hitler's Germany) on an International scale.

We can see Sedna going into Tauros as a stabalising influence. Basically, the 'winners' get to cast out the defeated and forge a new system of repression. So Second-Wave feminism is really a consolidation, in which the victorious current of the Eris/Sedna period consolidates.

However invariably this involves new systems of exclusion, such as Abortion and Political-Correctness.

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