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Posted By: Slayer of Cliffracers on: 09/23/2008 13:18:35 ET
Subject: Haumea isn't just Peace either.

Message Detail:
I am a believer in basing the effects of planets upon observation rather than upon mythology books, hence the 'odd' connection with Mars. I suspected Haumea had something to do with peace and harmony while it was still called EL61. I find your focus on what names planets have as though that has an actual effect nauseating.

I know that Mars doesn't represent only War. It does represent however action, struggle, courage etc.

Now Haumea doesn't represent only Peace either. It represents also a state of un-striving, of inaction, of harmony and finally of Unity. Those who submit, those who surrendered, those who lost. And finally, the Cowards and the Pacifists.

Now I've noted that Mars/Haumea is a warlike combination. Mussolini has it, but so does John McCain. Both very close orb too.

This suggests that Haumea/Mars represents conquest, the ability to conquer people. To pacify people through violence (Mars). The idea of utterly crushing all opposition and bringing peace through violence, not diplomacy, is an idea that certainly Mussolini embodied. Since Haumea also represents unity, Imperialism (something that Mussolini definately embodied) is a feuture of this conjunction.

JohnMcCain presumably also embodies the same concept. That of fighting on in Iraq+Afghanistan until the people are properly 'conquered' that is to say submission (Haumea) has been brought by overwhelming force (Mars).

This ability to bring submission rather than further resistance through the use of force in conquered peoples, was certainly a key part of Mussolini success.

Think of it this way. Mars is the Fighter. Whilst Haumea is the Pacifist.

Now Venus does have a role as Peacemaker. However Venus is the planet of relationships between people. Therefore it has a role in Peacemaking, however it does not represent Peace as such.

However Haumea always represents Peace, Peace is it's essential nature. Venus doesn't well describe the Isolationism, the nation that avoids relating to others in order to avoid conflict does it? Haumea however, perfectly describes such a person. Haumea represents Peace as such, not relating.

Haumea in conjunction with Venus, represents Peace as normally understood. A state of relationships between people devoid of conflict.

Haumea in conjunction with Mercury, represents a person, usually quite a weak speaker that is ultra-tactful, that will not say anything that might cause offense or conflict even if they believe it privately.

Haumea in conjunction with Mars, represents Conquest. The state of things after a nation has been utterly defeated in a war and is forced to accept the will of it's new rulers.

The functioning of Haumea as such, is like anything else dependant upon it's aspects.

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