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Posted By: Luis on: 09/22/2008 15:36:24 ET
Subject: RE: Haumea/EL61 as Peace and Harmonyn

Message Detail:
Guess that Mussolini's BT is also not clear. The two first charts I found give him Scorpio rising (what places that Venus-Jupiter stellium in the 8th house actually). I don't know.

Ignoring the uncertain BT, what I gather is that he had one of those charismatic yet stubborn Mercuries in Leo (conjunct Sun what gives usually certain brightness and practical success), certainly an excellent Jupiter-Venus stellium in Cancer (whichever the house), but *specially* a Mercurian Gemini Moon (compare with Putin for instance) in the middle of a chain stellium that includes Saturn and Mars (both rather bad combos for the Moon), as well as Pluto and Ceres.

If we ignore this chain stellium (what is ignoring half the chart), Mussolini had a pretty nice-looking chart and in fact he was quite succesful (captured Italy, then Ethiopia, was a lucky and charming womanizer... very popular for a fascist leader, inside and outside Italy...) until he failed miserably. An important element in his chart is the Scorpio North Node, that usually means that one has to go through some sort of self-destruction before being able to pick up the pieces. Guess he experienced that in his last months as puppet "ruler" of the Salo Republic, after being deposed by his fellow fascists.


Whatever the case, you may be right about Haumea representing what you say. I have not studied this dwarf planet yet and I cannot judge.

But I think that you are partly wrong in considering Mars as the archtype of war and just that. Mars is much more than just war: in the array of basic emotions Mars represents rage, which is as legitimate and potentially positive as any other feeling, while Venus represents affectivity (love but maybe in more earthly way, not the sublime idealized concept of love as we often use it; it includes love of beautiful things and posessions in general and that's why it rules Taurus). Other emotions are maybe best represented by other planets (Saturn is fear, not sure about sadness and hapiness).

Mars is also the pioneer, while Venus is the consolidator. Mars is certainly the fighter and Venus the peace maker. Maybe Haumea has some special attributes while into that "Venusian" style, the same that Pluto for instance is alike yet very different than Mars. I don't feel able to judge that by the moment. But I think that the complementary of Mars in nearly all senses is Venus. I see no particular need to override the fundamentals of traditional astrology, regardless of what new findings add to it.

Maybe you should compare Haumea to Pluto instead, though I feel that Pluto is more directly related to Ceres (mythology but also somewhat related astronomical histories) and to Eris, the causant of Pluto's demotion and revalorization of Ceres.

Aren't Makemake and Haumea both borrowed from Polynesian myths? Aren't both fertility gods? Maybe they make some sort of astro-couple as the one you wanted to make, quite oddly, with Mars. Mythology suggests Makemake as an air deity, while Haumea would be an earth one instead.

As bird-man Makemake could also somehow relate with Sedna...

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