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Posted By: Luis on: 09/22/2008 14:58:34 ET
Subject: RE: Sedna as the Demon projection, societies enemy figure

Message Detail:
I must say I don't find Uranus particularly rebellious. I know that I am odd among astrologists on this but I am pretty much convinced that Uranus people is gregarious. Dialectical yes (this is the defining quality of Uranus), innovative possibly, unpredictable maybe... but not particularly rebellious. Uranus people suffer like nobody else the dialectic of ideas around them and that affexts them in ways that are impossible to predict, even for themselves. But they are not normally the kind that pick up fights, no matter how just and idealistic these may be.

Defining "rebellious" may be difficult anyhow, but I would not limit that to Uranus - not at all. I find martian people much more rebellious in fact. It's just that they tend not to avoid fights, something air-dominated people would rather do (at least more often). To be a rebel you have to be the fighter type, and the fighter type is most commonly found in types dominated by either fire, Mars (that would include Scorpio/Pluto too) and/or cardinal signs.

But we are getting off-topic.


As said, I don't know Gandhi's birth time (Astrodaabank suggests Libra with "caution" note but I'd think of him as Capricorn rising from appearance, maybe Scorpio or Virgo but certainly not a double Libra). So I don't really know where was his Sedna placed. But a 6th house Sedna in Hitler's chart doesn't sound like too prominent either.

We are not going to agree on what is fascism. For you it seems to be just Hitler and his megalomaniac plans (that nevertheless were very rational in a sense). Fascism existed before Hitler anyhow and arguably before Mussolini, and stayed put for many decades after WWII and has not vanished - not at all (what do you think is Islamism?, or the Burma military junta?, or even P.R. China? Certainly not anymore "communism"). I was born in 1968 and I was born under a fascist regime, for instance. Hitler's imperialism was an exception and not the rule of fascism. Germany (and to an extent Japan) could do that because they were major powers with ambitions, not just because they were fascist. They "needed" colonies to consolidate as first tier powers and wanted to grab them no matter what. What happened after WWII was the European Economic Community: France agreed to share resources with Germany (and other countries) to prevent further wars. It worked but it has more to do with the decline of classical imperialism than with fascism as such. And the decline of classical imperialism has to do with the neocolonial, informal, style of the US empire, nothing else.

But again going off-topic.


Ghandi did not do the opposite of Sedna: "embracing dogs" and suffering for it is totally the style of Sedna, at least in mythology. Unlike you, I don't think that myths are totally detached from astrological meaning: if Astrology works there must be a Holism, an integrated reality, and planets do not get their names just randomly: they get them for a reason. Said that, it would be folish to judge only based on legends: planets may and normally have a much wider meaning. Mars is not just the planet of war and fury: it is the pioneer, the initiator, the one that gets things rolling. And that's not in its mythology.

And the fact that it was t. Eris conj. n. Sedna which presided over that Gandhian atcivity is at least as important as that same transit in Hitler's life history. Maybe they had totally different approaches to Sedna. Whatever the case this transit seems to have triggered the *sacrifice* element of Sedna in each: just that Hitler sacrified others, while Gandhi sacrified himself for others (also asking others to self-sacrifice for that same cause but not imposing it).

Re. Feminism, I will agree that Eris in Aries supported Sedna's struggle and helped to finally get things changing. But the whole movement is best described by Sedna in Aries: it did not begin with Eris in Aries, nor ended with it. It gained momentum with it. And nope: the achievements were not minor, not at all. In all known history women have never been in such good position as now, legally equal to men in all aspects - and that may relate with Sedna's so slow and eccentric orbit (now it's going faster but it takes 12,000 years to complete an orbit).

And for Communism too I disagree. But the real problem is that I don't see Sedna as any demon, though it may be percieved by some (Hitler's likes) like it. I percieve her as the archtype of free love, sacrifice (not necesarily willing sacrifice as with Gandhi but certainly not scarifice of others as in Hitler - Sedna is the victim, not the killer), sacrifice that gives fruit (myth: Sedna's fingers are the sea mammals, the food of the Inuit people). Sedna also has a trascendental shamanic dimension and doesn't like when people is merciless and cruel (that's maybe why Hitler's story ended badly, while Gandhi's ended quite well) and I think this applies particularly to ecology (last time Sedna was so close to the Sun it was also the time of another climate change: the end of the Ice Age).

I believe in free will, and I think that Hitler could have chosen a different path for his life. He chose that path and got the consequences. The whole World got them, ok, but I don't think he was indispensable for the existence of Nazi Germany and WWII - they would have done roughly the same probably with any other führer.

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