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Posted By: Slayer of Cliffracers on: 09/22/2008 10:27:59 ET
Subject: RE: Sedna as the Demon projection, societies enemy figure

Message Detail:
I'll start by saying that I really don't care about Sedna's mythology. In fact I would rather all planets were like EL61, so that we would look at them all without intrinsic bias.

You are right of course, however what I am saying is that Fascism is more of the result of the generational transit between (natal) Sedna and (actual) Eris, the effects of which I explained in length, in the charts of all people over 30. Eris is the trigger, it's just that it's closeness to Sedna is at work here.

Sedna people yes they are rebellious, but more in the realm of ideas than action. Actual rebellion is Uranus most definately.

Sedna as having an affinity with Mars, well Sedna definately doesn't have an affinity with physical action, however it most definately has an affinity with conflict and violence. But more with the victims OF socially sanctioned violence, one could poetically say that it is the blood of the innocent victims of violence that the redness of Sedna represents, not the blood shed on the battlefield.

Thanks for telling me about Ghandi. However Ghandhi remember is a Libra, therefore he is born with a (weak) opposition of 8 degrees to Sedna. Therefore Ghandhi is actually useful in order to understand what Sedna is *not* rather than what Sedna *is*. Ghandhi brought down the Caste System, he embraced the untouchables remember. He defied Sedna, he defied the rejection, the casting out. Ghandhi expressed not the essence of the Eris/Sedna Aries conjunction but the polar opposite of it. So he is the ultimate Anti-Fascist, the opposite of all that Fascism stands for.

Fascism as such may have persisted beyond 1945 in the form of the few surviving Fascist regimes, however you must understand that I am talking about the world movement of Fascism, not individual regimes. Nor am I talking about your regular Authoritarian regimes (Monarchies, Dictatorships). Fascist movements sprung up all over the world and became extremely militant and active. The question here is why, all over the world a specific form of movement, sprung up so quickly from nothing and then faded away into the most un-Fascist societies in history (the modern societies). I suspect there is specific Astrology that encouraged Fascism, because that would explain why it sprung up all over the world.

First wave feminism on the other hand I do not think had Astrology specifically favouring it. The reason is that it was a marginal movement with a long history that struggled for decades and made little gain. I think the Astrology of Feminism is definately tied to Eris, not Sedna. If you look at when women succeeded in most of the world in getting equal rights, it is when Eris cusps Aries or is in Aries. The fact Sedna was in Aries and in conjunction with a lot of peoples Sednas (the Fascist wave) I think hindered further progress UNTIL Sedna went into Tauros.

The Age of Nationalism is the Erisian Age of Pisces summed up. I don't think Sedna has anything to do with it.

As for Communism, well Communism is a long story really. Sedna in Aries does work for Communism, if you consider that Aries is a sign of the Individual, Sedna in Eris could be fruitful for a Collectivist ideology like Communism. If you consider the militancy of the people who volunteered to fight the Fascists in the International Brigades, it could well be that Communism took advantage of the generational window, where Eris is not in Pisces (so not enforcing unity) but not actually conjunct Sedna in people's charts (thus encouraging Fascism).

Communism was born in Pisces, because of the utopianism and the fact that Communism is all about uniting similar people (classes) together. However it is also about Class Struggle, which is un-Pisces. So Nationalism and Racism are more successful because they are more about unifying than Communism is.

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