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Posted By: Luis on: 09/21/2008 15:40:10 ET
Subject: RE: Haumea/EL61 as Peace and Harmonyn

Message Detail:
... we have Mars god of war, but where is the god of peace?

I think El61/Haumea is it.

Venus? Not just as goddess of love but also as ruler of Taurus (stability, affluence) and Libra (diplomacy, partnership). Venus is traditionally the complementary archetype of Mars and for this it is too. Mars was known as the lesser malefic and Venus as the lesser benefic. The greater benefic is Jupiter, which is more about wisdom, fortune and expansion (consciousness expansion too), what just tells us that the ancients considered wisdom more important than peace and love.

Venus, a titan, is also the godess of Troy (the goddess favored by Hector) and Trojans were depicted by Homer as peace-loving diplomats and poets rather than warriors (of course it's a Greek view of things and the aim of it was to ridicule the Trojans to some extent... but there may be something about it anyhow).

I don't mean to diminish Haumea (more related to fertility but probably akin to Venus in some aspects) but there is already a planet of peace, at least as long as you consider Mars just as planet of war (it is much more than just that).

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