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Posted By: Luis on: 09/21/2008 15:22:56 ET
Subject: RE: Sedna as the Demon projection, societies enemy figure

Message Detail:
I see what you mean when you say that Hitler's Sedna is not that important: it's after all a generational trait and a generational transit. It certainly also affected to many of Hitler's minions and victims.

The rise and fall of most archetypical fascism corresponds anyhow best with Eris in Aries (1922-44) than with Sedna there (1864-1962).

I am not a "Sedna person" surely (rather an "Eris person") but I've known some and can't say they are not rebels. But I will leave it there for lack of further research of my own.

Sedna anyhow does have something in common with Mars and Aries: it's the reddest "planet" we know after Mars. I would not say that makes it automatically a "Martian" or "Arian" object but it does suggest some sort of affinity. Maybe it's the "yin Mars" in a sense.

In this sense I had the idea of checking for Mahatma Gandhi's Sedna (048' Aries - trine NN Leo, sextile Ceres Gem, quincux Mercury Sco and possibly Moon Leo/Vir - not sure of his BT but Sedna may be at the appex of a yod in his chart) and the transit of Eris by this degree (1922-30) and it happens to be precisely when he deployed the core of his Satyagraha campaign, from his jailing to the massive salt disobedience campaigns and the Gandhi-Irwin pact (1931).

On first sight it could give some weight to this idea of Sedna as sort of "yin Mars", of "femenine struggle" (not weaker: more subtle and persistent, less merely blunt), that I think is very apparent in Sedna's mythology.

Sedna in Aries also correlates therefore with other things different from mere fascism (after all fascism was not but a manifestation of global political and economical struggles and certainly it did not end in 1945: in many places persisted for much longer).

Sedna in Aries is also the time, for instance, of "first wave" feminism, when women fought for and eventually gained rights (to vote but also others) in most of the Western World.

It correlates well too with what we could define as the "age of nationalism": from soon after the Italian unification to soon after the year of independence of most of Africa, 1960.

The shorter transit of Eris through Aries marks maybe a central period but it's not just limited to fascism but also to the 1929 crisis, the Indian struggle for independence, the time when women got rights in many countries... And let's not forget the rise of communism (not the 1917-18 revolutions but the consolidation of the USSR as superpower in WWII and most of the Chinese revolution, as well as the birth of Vietnamese communism).

Just some ideas to better understand the influence of Sedna (and Eris).

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