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Posted By: Slayer of Cliffracers on: 09/21/2008 08:14:21 ET
Subject: RE: Sedna as the Demon projection, societies enemy figure

Message Detail:
Actually no. Sedna represents not Freedom, not the Rebel but the one who is able to see through the Lies of the Rebels and the Authorities alike. Sedna people (I am one) tend to be uneasy both with the Authorities and with the Rebels.

Sedna conjuncted the Sun when the Iraq abuse photos were released. Here we see the revealing of the dark side, the side that is part of society but which society rejects. Torture is actually a logical consequence of the actions to 'bring liberty and freedom to Iraq Aries style', but regardless we somehow expected this not to happen, enough that it was shocking when it is revealed.

To use an apt analogy, Sedna is Eris's toilet. If Sedna and Eris are in the sign, even more so if conjunct, Eris is forced to eat it's own shit basically.

Hitler's Sedna is in the 6th House cusp. At the time of WW2, Eris was transitting this point. However Hitler isn't important, since there are millions of people here, not just one, all with the same conjunction in their own chart. And Eris and Sedna are actually in the same sign remember also in actuality.

Hitler is not an isolated individual, no he is a product of the Collective's ideas, the logical result of the ideas that are current (Eris).

Now Aries is the sign that is all about Independance, Diversity, following your own Star. However what is the Sedna side of Aries? That is what is the dark side of Aries, that is present but against the entire ethos of Aries, thus must be purged?

It is conflict and violence, the clash between disparate individuals and groups. This threatens everything that Aries stands for, but also is undoubtably present.

So if Eris is conjunct Sedna in a chart, what this means is that Aries is unable to eliminate it's own waste, but also rejecting the opposite principle, the Libra principle of forging unity between groups.

The curious thing about Fascism, is that it doesn't seek to unify groups, but yet it seeks the domination of groups. That is to say, factional boundries between groups are reinforced, while the Fascistic group elevates itself and seeks to dominate or destroy all other groups utterly, without assimilating them. Doesn't that sound like the Toilet Analogy, Aries Eris forced to eat it's own Shit.

If Eris/Sedna had been in Libra, Hitler would have devoted his time to eliminating the cultural and religious identity of Judaism, to turn the Jews into proper 'Aryan Germans', indistinguishable from everyone else. But Hitler didn't want to do that, he was quite happy to mantain and indeed maximise the differences between races, even as he sought to expand Germany, he attempted to do so without turning non-Germans into Germans.

There is also of the Piscean attempt to unify Germans left, that is because remember Eris is still in Pisces for most people, however without the Sedna/Eris conjunction, there would only be Nationalism (Pisces) not Fascism. So Fascism is actually also partly about Pisces Eris and the attempt to mantain the trends of Pisces, against the present Eris Aries trends. This would explain the desperate nature of the drive to Nationalistic Unification. The human race sensed the 'wrongness' of Eris in Aries.

What must also be understood is that Eris/Sedna would logically be a brutally Intolerant combination, wherever it was located. Because it is a society that defines itself by rejection of people. As well as a society that is unable to reject it's own poisonous dark side, recall the Iraq abuse Astrology.

However, when Sedna went into Tauros and out of conjunction with people's Sedna, then Aries is able to 'expel' Fascism properly and express its more healthy qualities. However if you look closely, Fascism and particularly Hitler have become powerful symbols, they have a deep social power at enforcing conformity and crushing particular trends of thought. This power is expressed by the idea of 'Godwin's Law'.

This the basis of my understanding, Fascism is properly speaking actually a negative, it represents all that which Aries rejects, that is not Libra in origin, merged to the death-throes of Pisces Eris.

Out society actually rejects and fears both conflict and assimilation. The concept of a conflict for domination between races and groups is taboo, but so is the concept that they should all assimilate together into one unified culture also taboo. So we have the rejection both of Sedna accoring to Eris and also of Libra.

However Multi-Culturalism is opposed by Fanaticism and Extremism (Tauros). We are supposed to unite together to oppose Fanaticism and Extremism within Multi-Cultural Society. The Fanatic, the Extremist is the Sedna scapegoat figure, which gives the disrupter of harmony in disunity, a Tauros edge.

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